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Episode 105: Fundamental Authenticity Many of us will shift who we are depending on who we’re with. Why does this happen? In this episode, we’re talking about fundamental authenticity and how it changes the game in our relationships with others — and even with ourselves. SUMMARY: We often go into a shapeshifting pattern when we’re with others. We […]

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Episode 104: Neutrality – the Real Deal

Neutrality isn’t apathy — but what is it, exactly? In this episode, we’re diving into neutrality: what it is, why it’s important, and how it can be especially beneficial in turbulent times. SUMMARY: Neutrality is something a lot of people are trying to cultivate, often without knowing exactly what it is. There’s a lot of […]

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Episode 103: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

What appear to be close, loving relationships can sometimes be rooted in control and oppression. In this episode, we’re talking about distorted love: how to know when you’re controlled by it, how to distinguish it from true love, and how to transcend it with the help of frequency work.

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Episode 102: Losing The Fear Of Loss

The fear of loss is a fundamental part of the human experience. In this episode, we’re talking about how to shift that fear — and how doing so can impact the choices we make and the opportunities available to us. Frequency work will help shift this deep pattern, allowing you to live a fuller experience of life.

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Episode 100 Soul Connections

Have you ever met someone for the first time and instantly felt like you knew them? In this episode, we’re discussing the spirit-level dynamics that lie behind that phenomenon. Frequency work can help raise your resonance to shift oppressive past life patterns and provide momentum for something else.

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Episode 99 A Different Perspective On Awakening

To help provide context for your own spiritual journey, we’re shaking it up with a different perspective on frequency work and awakening.

Chris Sprague is Karen’s husband and business partner in Spherical Luminosity. While the two are of a similarly high resonance, Chris perceives differently and has had a different experience in his awakening journey from Karen.

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Episode 97 A Key Piece of Ancient Wisdom Clarified

The ancients often used allegory or metaphor to describe how reality is created. In this episode, we’re stripping away the metaphors to dive into the true mechanics of our reality. With this understanding, we gain the power to change what was previously thought solid and create and experience a higher and better version of our selves and our reality. Raising our frequency can open up new possibilities.

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Episode 96 Trauma In The Physical Body

There’s a spiritual element to trauma, and healing isn’t over until it’s addressed. In this episode, learn how to complete the healing process — and potentially transform a traumatic event into massive spiritual growth.

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Episode 94 The Power Of Sound & Music

Sound and music are powerful forces that have been used in many spiritual traditions as tools for acceleration. In this episode, learn how the physical frequencies of sound and music can affect our spiritual frequencies.

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Episode 93 Detoxifying The Mind

The world is filled with an overwhelming number of stories, all with their own perspectives and agendas. How can we turn down the volume on these stories and allow the mind to function more sharply, clearly, and powerfully?

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Episode 92 Up Close & Personal Part II

During a previous episode, Karen opened up about her personal spiritual journey. And in response to listener/viewer questions, she’s taken an even deeper dive into how her experience and perspective have changed as she continues along her path.

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