Coherence Mastery

Module 1:
Laying the Groundwork

What you’ll receive:

  • 12 pivotal classes addressing in-depth foundational distortion patterns that often prevent change on the physical level and cause slowing or plateauing on spirit level
  • Practical strategies and tips to increase your coherence for each topic addressed
  • Answers to questions that impact or benefit the mastermind
  • Powerful GFCs (Group Frequency Calibrations®) to catalyze tremendous  shifts so we can unlock our potential
  • Separate audio downloadable of the GFCs so you can listen to them on your device
  • Summary of the weekly coherence mastery tip(s)

“Laying The Groundwork” covers and addresses some very key distortion patterns that are almost universal in our human experience and underpin much of our existence. They’re so ingrained in the human experience we rarely, if ever, notice them.

Without being released they can keep us stuck, unable to change or gain the momentum that we want.

These foundational distortion patterns often work together in a dynamic, so as we work to release them one at a time through the frequency work and through the practical coherence tips in the physical realm, they start to fall away in groups, en masse. The dynamic breaks apart and we can start to experience more freedom, more momentum and more change.

In order to be able to soar, you need to address the foundation or you’re always going to be limited in how far and how fast you can fly, by the weight of those distortion patterns that need to be released if you’re to begin to uncover your astonishing innate potential as a limitless spirit having a human experience.

It doesn’t matter how much frequency work you do, if you don’t address and master the foundation, you will always be limited.

This is all preparation for Module 2 “Taking Flight” and eventually Module 3 “Learning To Soar.”

Module 1 includes in-depth explanation and frequency work on the following topics:

  • The Mechanics of Distortion Patterns
  • Holding Your Space
  • The Addiction to Certainty & Comfort
  • Fear of Loss
  • Obligation
  • Detox & Integration of Higher Frequencies
  • Surrender from Strength vs. Control
  • Strengthening Neutrality
  • Spiritual Debt
  • & more

Each week you will receive what was one month of Module 1 in the “live” course.

Once you register, the first section will be accessible immediately so you can begin right away!

Completion of Module 1 is required in order to join Module 2 “live.”

This is deliberate so everyone is on the same page both in terms of the educational/informational content and also frequency-wise. It is structured this way to preserve and enhance the incredible momentum of the mastermind.

What participants are saying:

“As an individual who has been doing frequency work for a while, this class has been phenomenal so far….the nuances that I am getting and learning from you come up effortlessly during the day and are very impactful and empowering!!  The GFC’s  have been very powerful and bring a great deal of relief!! Thank you so much Karen!”
− Holly G, New York, USA

“These sessions feel like a high-level course, with well put together subject material and thorough and deep explanations. I think Karen naturally is a person who likes to give as much information as possible on each subject. The frequency work is strong. I experience leaps in learning.”
− Melinda M, California, USA

“I am loving Coherence Mastery. Thank you for organizing and offering it. And thanks so much for doing the work and going first, so you can share it with us. It has been helpful so a) I can get some “mind” understanding of the concepts, b) have practical tips, and c) the consistency helps me to keep the points fresh and remind me to do the work on a daily basis. In a nutshell, I am now much more aware and empowered.”
– Fabiana L, Florida, USA

“The Coherence Mastery class exceeds my expectations, it addresses fundamental topics which I find very helpful. Also besides the GFC’s I like the teachings and tips.”
−Karin S – Netherlands

I don’t know where to begin to tell you how much frequency work and the Coherence Mastery class has been changing my life and the awe I am in of it all and through it all (even through the detox). The practical tips. The GFC’s. The timeliness of the subjects discussed. The implementing into every day life no matter what circumstances and conditions are. The observing and the awareness of the patterns that thread through every element of life. The awakening to my “S” and the observing of my “s” and the dance of it all at times alongside the judgement that comes up. The  dots that have been and continue to be connected … the questions that are being answered … the dings that are going off. I am forever grateful for you Karen, Chris and Spherical Luminosity team and the work you are doing in the world!”
Maria A, California, USA