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Morning Meditation – Setting The Day’s Tone GFC

Sunday, January 5, 2020

10:30am PT/ 11:30am MT/ 12:30pm CT/ 1:30pm ET
20 minutes

Intentionally setting the frequency level of our day upon waking up is one of the most powerful things we can do because if WE don’t set that frequency level, we tend to be in reaction to what everyone else’s frequency level is, which includes their emotions, their urgencies, their timelines. Their STRESS!

It helps us not only intentionally start our day from the highest frequency level available to us, it helps us to establish our “space” (i.e. the space within your spirit body) so that we are better able to maintain it and remain more centered and clearer throughout the day.

This also sets the stage for more creativity, inspiration, efficiency, productivity, clarity, focus, higher level connection, and just more awesomeness.

Join Karen for a morning meditation that you can use every day if you’d like, to set the frequency level of your day.