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Breaking Down Walls: Transcending Overwhelm, Finding Your True Purpose and Turbocharging Opportunities

Do you ever find yourself looking around and yearning for more peace, fulfillment and joy in your life?

In this live event, during guided meditation and breathwork, Karen will work at the spirit level to begin to change your blueprint by removing frequency distortion patterns that are keeping you in a recurring loop of distraction and overwhelm.

For many people, as the frequencies running through them shift and distortions are removed they experience more ease, stillness, joy, abundance and opportunity.

Through this work, your spirit will be catalyzed so that your true essence can emerge, time can become your ally and the right people, opportunities, timing, remedies all come into your life – more efficiently and easily than you can imagine.

This is the recording from the LA Live Event. (4.5 Hours of Potent GFCs, Answers to questions + a special surprise)