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Surrender From Strength

One of the most advanced spiritual practices is to surrender from strength.

What does this mean?  As humans, most of us strive to have what we want, when we want it. If we don’t get it we tend to resist what is.

We struggle to overcome what is, to outwill it, to outthink it, to outmaneuver it so we can have what we think we want. We like our will. Possibly more than that, we like bending things to our will so we can get what we want. We are taught that having a strong will is the foundation of success.

Typically, when we think of surrender it is within the cultural context of surrender from weakness. We have no choice because we are weaker than the opposing force so we give in, such as is the case of someone being held at gunpoint and giving up their wallet. In this paradigm, only victims or those on the losing end of circumstances surrender.

Yet surrender from strength at spirit level is actually one of the highest level practices. It is the point where we know without question our strength. That we are able to transcend whatever arises and therefore we surrender our will to Pure Source. When one is able to surrender from strength, fear becomes irrelevant.

When we surrender from strength we have access to far more possibilities than we were previously aware of — including much higher levels of abundance — because now we are no longer limited to the options that we see from our limited, habitual perspective.

Join Karen as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Strengthen and focus your essence so you can experience your true strength

  • Release the false sense of security in what is known so you can be free to be in the unknown

  • Remove the patterns of powerlessness

  • Delete the patterns of attachment to control

  • Let go of the patterns of victim and martyrdom

  • Embrace the not yet known

  • Remove the pattern of relying solely on the mind as the sole origination point of information

  • Shift from thinking to knowing

  • Increase your intuitive capacity

  • Release external control sources that are holding you back from realizing your own power

  • Delete the patterns of lack of trust in your Higher Self and Pure Source

  • Release the reliance on and attachment to your will

  • Amplify adaptability and resilience

So you can surrender from strength and move into a higher level of fearlessness.