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Emotional Intimacy

Do you have a lot of friends around you but yearn for more meaningful connection? Or maybe you are in a partnership that has become routine and has lost the closeness it used have? Do you struggle with allowing people to really see you, to get close to you? Or perhaps you find having your emotions a challenge?

One of things that we crave as humans is connection. To be truly seen, heard, witnessed. And yet for some of us, it terrifies us to not only allow people to see who we are but to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, sometimes even with ourselves.

Join Karen for this 3 part series in Emotional Intimacy where she will help your spirit:

  • Delete patterns of mistrust of self and others

  • Remove patterns of trauma or wounding that are blocking intimacy

  • Bring your firmly into your body so you can experience a wider range of emotion

  • Connect you fully into the heart space

  • Remove family patterns of emotional numbness and anxiety of being seen

  • Have a sense of safety about being visible and witnessed

  • Increase your confidence so you are willing to and want to connect more deeply with others

  • Release fear around feeling or resisting your own emotions and/or the emotions of others

  • Strengthen your sense of self so you are not overwhelmed by other’s emotions and can still have your own

  • Release yearning or neediness for connection so that others can be with you and not feeling you’re grasping at them

  • Deepen your sense of self so you don’t get lost in another or fear losing yourself in another

  • Increase your ability to accept, allow and be with all of you and others

  • Connect to a higher perspective of emotional intelligence that will bring in peace and greater acceptance of yourself and others

All of this can help you have the emotional intimacy with yourself and others that your spirit yearns for.