Entering The New Consciousness – Early Access + Special Talk



We are all aware that this is an unprecedented time.

There a massive groundswell of fear and things feel a bit crazy and unstable. But for those who have some awareness of the energies underlying the current situation, it feels like something HUGE is happening.

Something that you can’t quite put your finger on but you know it’s something big.

While this is a massively uncertain time, it is also a time of great change in consciousness.

We are now moving into the time where the new consciousness is starting to split away from the lower vibrating consciousness of the existing order. Without knowing specific details about how it would show up in the physical world, I’ve seen/felt this coming for a number of years, and it’s now here.

Even though I had a feeling that aspects of the shift would be challenging for us, I’ve also been curious and excited for the huge upgrade in consciousness this time would usher in.

People have been asking a number of questions such as “what does ‘new consciousness’ even mean? What it will be like in the new consciousness? How can I be sure I’ll make the shift? How will I know I’ve made it?

If you’ve had any of these questions, join Karen for this special talk followed by a Group FREQUENCY CALIBRATION™ (GFC) where she helps remove the distortion patterns that are keeping you from accessing the new consciousness and entrains us to the extremely high frequencies of the new resonating order