Fanning the Flames – Igniting Passion

Are you in a relationship that is feeling stagnant in the bedroom? Or perhaps you’re wondering where your sex drive has gone?

Passion or sexual energy is an important part of our experience as humans. It is that zing in relationship with another person that can make us feel alive and fully aware of our sensory possibilities and pleasure. It is a fundamental, driving force which can also be harnessed and transmuted into an energy which can help us ascend.

For many, passion fades with time in a relationship, giving rise to a loss of intimacy, resentment, anger, frustration and low self worth. This is the reason many seek to fulfill this need outside of an agreed upon relationship. For some, it’s difficult or feels unsafe or out of control to allow for passion to arise, which limits our experience and can make it feel like we’re missing out on something fundamental in connecting with another.

Join Karen for this Group Frequency Calibration where she will work with your Higher Self to help you:

  • Remove patterns of guilt, humiliation or shame about sensual pleasure
  • Release patterns of physical and/or emotional abuse or trauma that block us from fully experiencing sensual or sexual pleasure
  • Dispel unconscious or conscious fear of the power of your sexuality
  • Amplify self confidence and your ability to attract meaningful intimate connection
  • Connect with the sacredness and potential of your sexuality