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Spirit Debt

Spirit debt is a foundational, pervasive distortion pattern that runs through all of humanity. Unlike many distortion patterns that have an emotional or mental indicator (meaning an awareness that you often feel bad in the same way, or have repetitive negative thoughts or self talk), spirit debt is insidious because there is no specific, clear indicator for us to know that it is even there at all.

With the pattern of spirit debt running, you have to give up a lot of something (like your time, life force, emotional or mental well being) in order to receive a little of something else (money, security in relationship or circumstance, fulfillment, happiness, etc). The longer you go without addressing this distortion pattern, the deeper or more weighty it becomes, translating to you needing to expend increasingly more energy to get less and less.

Karen was called to give this Deep Dive so more people can begin to release this nearly universal pattern that is so deeply interwoven and embedded in this consciousness level. This pattern must be removed in order to change our experience of our physical reality and also help us move from the scarcity and oppression of this consciousness level to access the new, higher resonating one that has become available to us.

Absolute Scarcity

Absolute Scarcity is what causes us to believe that something outside of us will complete us or make us happy. When we finally have that relationship, the ideal body weight, the money we want to see in our bank account, that awakening moment—whatever—THEN we’ll be happy.

We’re always chasing something because we don’t feel complete within ourselves. This fundamentally stems from the belief that we are separate and disconnected from Pure Source. That we are limited to the small s “s”elf as identified by ego. That the physical reality is all that there is.

This is a sneaky, all-pervasive (what Karen calls “foundational”) distortion pattern that underpins our sense of low self worth and non-deserving, that we are somehow incomplete and not enough.

This Deep Dive will help to begin to release Absolute Scarcity so you can experience more of the infiniteness and wholeness of your true essence!

Clearing The Slate: Releasing Old Beliefs, Assumptions & Conclusions

Much of the limitations on what we get to experience and the potential we can embody come from our stories, beliefs and conclusions. And a majority of these actually stem from lineage, culture and religion.

When we start to clear the related distortion patterns, we become increasingly free to create an identity that isn’t bound by the limitations of the people who came before us. This doesn't mean that we can’t appreciate their stories—we're actually even freer to do so because we're not bound up in them. That freedom also translates into a massive increase in our potential because we’re not as constrained by other people's distortion patterns.

This Deep Dive can help remove the lineage, cultural and religious distortion patterns that are creating and causing us to cling to old beliefs, assumptions, rulesets and conclusions that are so entrenched in our identity that we usually aren't even aware of them. Clearing the slate of the unseen foundation of identity can accelerate you forward on spirit level AND allow you to experience and live more possibilities!