Kickstarting Synergetic Ascension. An Act of Power.

Initially when I wrote the description for this Deep Dive I thought we were going in a different direction.

But then, things took an abrupt left turn. Surprise!

About 12 hours before the deep dive, after an intensive personal upgrade that prepared me to be able to lead it, I realized what we were REALLY going to be doing.

This deep dive is very specific. In it, I root the frequencies of the new consciousness (the consciousness many of us will choose to ascend to while still in the physical body) in a way that is stable.

The new consciousness is a much higher level of vibration, where certain dense frequencies cannot exist or cannot exist to the same degree as they do in our current, prevailing level of consciousness.

In that new consciousness level, the intensity of the polarity of violence, anger, greed and control must drop away because they simply cannot exist in the same space as these higher level frequencies.

There will be a much greater awareness of ourselves as part of the Oneness and therefore there is an emphasis on helping ourselves and others for the greater good.

It is just being seeded now as the very high waves of consciousness sweep over the earth, but as more and more individuals begin to resonate at this new level of consciousness, things like the focus of corporations will shift to providing true value to their consumers and innovating to uplift the greater collective. There will still be money exchanging hands, but the value that is exchanged is much different, will always be win-win and greed will not be a motivating factor in the interactions.

There will be a greater focus on sustainable energy and practices for the earth, etc.

For those of you who want this, essentially you will hold within you the frequencies of the new consciousness and will broadcast those frequencies so others around you can entrain to them on a subconscious level, to help them determine whether they want to move into the new consciousness or stay here in the third-dimensional consciousness.

You will still have the lessons you need to learn, the things you need to transcend, the wisdom you came to acquire on this level, AND you will also hold these higher level frequencies.

You are helping, just by being you. You don’t need to do anything special.

Those who opt to do this are not the chosen ones. They are simply making that choice sooner than others.

There is a small window where we will be able to move between these dimensional layers.

From what I can tell now, at some point in the next 5-6 years the layers will “firm up” and those who want to move to the higher level will do so, and those who want to remain at our current consciousness level will choose to remain.

People will likely literally disappear from each other’s realities because the frequency levels of these two realities cannot exist in the same “space”.

***PLEASE NOTE: This is a very high-level and intense deep dive.

Many people who did this live experienced detox – some quite intense.

They have all adjusted since, but if you are not prepared for an intense experience, a deep clearing, are needy or emotionally/mentally unstable please do not listen to this. It will very likely destabilize you.