LA Live: Beyond Abundance

The experience of true abundance can be elusive.

Some of us have abundance in health, or relationship or money or fulfillment in our work, but it is extremely rare that we experience it in ALL aspects of our lives.

Some of us have a lot of financial abundance but our experience is that of worry or fear of never having enough, or a feeling of scarcity despite the money we have.

Some of us finally experience financial abundance only to lose it all again afterwards.

Some of us never seem to quite attain financial abundance no matter how hard we try or how hard we work.

Or feel internally abundant but yet our external reality does not reflect it.

Others have a lot of financial abundance and it seems empty and unfulfilling, like there is something more out there for us. Our culture tells us when we have a lot of money we’ll be happy, but what if we’re not?

How do we experience abundance spherically – in all aspects in of our lives?

Karen will work with your Higher Selves to start clearing the distortion patterns that are keeping you stuck and from experiencing the spherical abundance that is your natural state.