Powerfully Aligning Sexuality and Sensuality with Pure Source

Have you struggled to express your sensuality in a way that feels safe, clear or congruent to you? Do you have judgement around sexuality and the expression of it, whether it’s yourself or someone else? Have you felt that you have too little or too much of a sex drive, either in exclusion or in relation to your partner? Do you struggle with addiction to sex? Do you feel a strong need to be desired by another?

The realm of sexuality and sensuality is fraught with heavy cultural, religious and familial conditioning about what is appropriate, “good”, sinful, dirty, and to some, necessary to be suppressed or completely denied — particularly if you are a woman.

And yet, our sexual drive is fundamentally innate to us. At its most base level, it allows us to carry on as a species. More importantly, it is a wellspring of creativity and can be powerfully transmuted into a higher, stronger connection with Pure Source if channeled correctly.

Being able to authentically and congruently express sexuality can be an important part of living and being a whole, complete expression of self.

Join Karen as she works with your higher self to help you:

  • Delete religious and cultural conditioning of shame, guilt and humiliation about sexuality
  • Let go of judgment of one’s own and other’s sexuality and expression of it
  • Release patterns of sexual trauma or abuse
  • Instill safety in being in your body
  • Let go of defendedness in this arena or the feeling that something is being taken from you when you are intimate with another
  • Increase your awareness of your own sexuality and how others receive it
  • Allow for a greater sensual experience
  • Foster the ability to transmute sexual drive and energy into stronger connection to Pure Source
  • Release resentment, anger and shame of sexual rejection or withholding
  • Allow for discernment and wisdom of the heart to govern sexuality
  • Strengthen your sense of self on spirit level so you do not lose yourself in another
  • Heighten the authority of your voice so you can more clearly voice your needs and boundaries
  • Clear yearning of desirability to affirm your sense of self worth
  • Delete patterns of needing to be punished or to punish through the withholding of sex
  • Learn to run your sexual energy clearly and cleanly within yourself so you?re not grabbing at others for it
  • Release the belief that how your body looks determines how desirable you are

So you can experience sexuality that is authentic to the highest expression of you.