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Redefining Relationships – Glow Bundle


Losing The Fear Of Loss

Fear of loss can keep us bound in relationships, jobs and circumstances that do not serve us, and often we are not able to make the shift to something better because we’re afraid to lose what we have, even if we’re aware that we would be better off if we made a change!

This Deep Dive will help you start being better tuned in and willing to listen to your intuition rather than being limited by your narrower and often fear-based thoughts. This will help you begin to surrender more easily to the unknown, from a place of strength, so you can move into the positive transformation you desire.

Sensuality & Sexuality Powerfully Aligned with Pure Source – 2021 Upgrade

There is SO MUCH distortion around sexuality and sensuality, from religion, culture and lineage — often these are heavy distortions of oppression, control, abuse and dominance, whether it’s on self or others, through withholding or imposition.
Especially now, at a time when there is an intensification of the visibility of these sorts of heavier frequency distortions, in order for them to drop away from us, they may actually be amplified within our individual experience of sexuality and sensuality, whether we are in partnership or not.

This Deep Dive will help you to start to experience a higher resonating sensuality and sexuality authentic to, and congruent with, your highest expression, which can then be transmuted to a higher level awareness of your connection to Source.

Emotional Intimacy

One of things that we crave as humans is connection. To be truly seen, heard, witnessed. And yet for some of us, it terrifies us to not only allow people to see who we are but to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, sometimes even with ourselves.

In this Deep Dive is about strengthening and clarifying internally so that vulnerability, clarity and a deeper surrender become accessible, allowing you to access greater depths of intimacy with yourself and with others.