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Sedona Live: The Eternal Now

You may or may not have heard about the very high resonating waves of purity consciousness that are sweeping through humanity, the earth and all that is form.

These waves are clearing off the denser frequency patterns held by the collective. This past one, which happened this past month (May/June), was the most intense one yet.

If you have felt exhausted, out of sorts/irritable, can’t remember things, have had difficulty focusing or sleeping, have injured yourself, have noticed an increase in drama or entitled behavior around you, or have had weird cold/flu type symptoms then you are experiencing the upgrade and detox of this wave.

If this past wave was at an amplitude of 1000 (a made up number for the sake of example), the one that I believe is coming in late summer or early fall will be more like an amplitude of 100,000.


Each of these waves is a band of frequencies from low to high.

On the high end of the band, these frequencies are massively accelerating. So if, for example, you are vibrating currently at +5, on the high end of the band, you would be accelerated to a vibration of 500,000.

On the low end of the band, these frequencies are polarizing and distorting. If you are vibrating at a -2 then you’d end up resonating at -200,000 which is a hard place to be in terms of physical reality.

To be able to take advantage of this upcoming wave we have to be able to surf it, meaning access AND stay in the higher end of that frequency spectrum.

It’s like surfing a tsunami.

If there are any cracks in the surfboard, if we’re off balance at all, or distracted and drop our focus we’re going to pitch off the surfboard and get caught in the wave.

At these levels, there is MUCH LESS tolerance for weakness or distortion.

What that means is that the distortion patterns we do have will be amplified greatly, which likely will cause more intensity of the symptoms I mentioned above, in addition to more physical and emotional/mental discomfort and MUCH more drama or crisis to deal with.

For example, if you tend towards depression or anxiety and are not prepared for this, that experience would be much more intense and prolonged, similarly with panic attacks. If you have a physical weakness like allergies, digestive issues, back pain, etc., this will likely intensify as well.

The more prepared you are to ride this wave, the more you will be able to watch this happening around you, but without experiencing it so intensely yourself.

The more of us that can surf the wave, the more it helps the collective because this is part of Synergetic Ascension (where the whole collective benefits, as individuals ascend higher, which then further benefits the whole).

The level of polarization that will likely result while the wave is coming through our physical reality will feel pretty rough for those who are not able to surf it.

What will result at the end, however, is a much higher level of consciousness for the collective.

The Sedona Live: the Eternal Now helped acclimatize and condition the participants to the higher band of frequencies within the intense consciousness wave mentioned above that Karen sees coming at the end of summer or early fall.

This will allow those who have listened to and/or experienced the event, to have increased capacity to absorb those extremely highly vibrating frequencies without it being an overload to their systems because they are occupying the Eternal Now – simultaneously a point of stability and a point where one can have the greatest expansion/capacity within the instability and uncertainty of this change.

***PLEASE NOTE: This is a very high level and intense event.

Many people who did this live experienced detox – some quite intense.

They have all adjusted since, but if you are not prepared for an intense experience, a deep clearing, are needy or emotionally/mentally unstable please do not listen to this. It will very likely destabilize you.