Upleveling Confidence

Do you often second guess or doubt yourself? Are you often swayed by others’ opinions even if you initially have a strong instinct or knowingness of what would be the best course of action? Have you wished that you had more authority when you spoke, or more confidence in your own action and words? Are you more comfortable in the background where no one really notices you? Have you noticed that you’re happy propping other people up into the limelight and letting them receive the accolades?

Even those who appear confident can have moments of self doubt and second guessing their actions, words and responses. For some of us, those moments of self doubt or fear of making the wrong choice are much longer stretches of time and cause us to teeter into indecision or having to hold counsel with many people in order to be able to make a decision and move forward.

Join Karen as she works with your Higher Self to help you:

  • Delete the pattern of self doubt and second guessing
  • Let go of the fear of making a poor or wrong choice
  • Amplify a sense of your own authority and knowingness
  • Increase the trust in yourself and your higher self
  • Shift from the fear of making a bad choice to embracing the opportunity to continuously grow and learn
  • Release the fear that you have a lot to lose, so you are not paralyzed by indecision
  • Celebrate the knowingness from a greater perspective — that you have the strength and courage to transcend whatever arises on your path, so you can’t mess it up!