Is it sometimes hard to sleep because you can’t stop your mind from spinning over the same things over and over again?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how much there is to worry about?
Maybe your thoughts seem so. dang. loud?
Imagine life with the volume and the pace of those thoughts turned waaaaayyyy down.
What would you be able to achieve then?
In this pivotal 45-minute video you’ll learn:
  • The 2 real reasons your mind spins that most people aren’t even aware of
  • How to access a different perspective that significantly reduces mind chatter
  • What the “flow state” is and how to get there so you feel more centered and can get to sleep better
  • How to not be as affected by the people and circumstances around you
  • PLUS you’ll get a powerful Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) meditation to help you release the blocks that keep you spinning in your head and not able to sleep
It’s time to get a little breather from all that stuff in your head.
It’s time to experience the stability of being rested and centered.
It’s time to start living a much better life.
Let’s rise together!

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This is incredibly powerful new paradigm work — and it requires your active participation, strong self-awareness, and a high level of personal accountability. It is an amazing tool for those who want to be self-empowered and are ready for profound positive transformation and acceleration in their personal and spiritual journeys, for those who want to begin to live their best and highest version — but only for those who are willing to take responsibility for both the progress and any roadblocks that may arise.

For people who tend to blame others for their problems, who have difficulty seeing a situation from another’s perspective, and/or who are not willing or not able to take personal responsibility for themselves and the things that happen in their lives, this is not the right work for you.

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