Happiness. Inner Peace. Abundance. Fulfillment. Empowerment.

It’s not what we own. It’s not a state of mind.


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A library of powerful downloadable recordings to help you remove the underlying patterns that keep you stuck.

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each episode of the Mastering Your World Through Frequencies vlog/podcast contains eye opening, beyond the illusion conversation + free GFC.

Thank you so much. That was the most powerful session I think I’ve ever had. It’s been a challenging integration period, but the transformation occurring in my life has been swift. Your advice/tips for integration have made that possible.

– Jasmine C, Seoul, Korea

I’ve been working with Karen for a while now and have found her sessions both helpful and powerful. Karen has a way of cutting straight to the underlying programs and patterns that hold certain life circumstances in place for us and clearing them instantaneously. I have no idea exactly how she does this but it works! Each time I listen to the session replays I am also able to access deeper levels of healing and clearing, and so the benefits continue outside the sessions too. I’ve also been feeling more powerful and strong in myself since I started working with Karen, as though my foundation has strengthened and I’m stepping more and more into my power. Thank you!

– Virginia E., London, UK

Karen’s work is nothing short of life-changing. She has an amazing ability to see the underlying patterns that keep us small and limited and stuck. Things like lineage patterns, repressed emotions, unconscious beliefs, and unhealthy family dynamics that unwittingly hold us back. Working with Karen has helped me to release deep-seated patterns of scarcity and worthiness, and live a happier and richer life with greater abundance and peace. I am eternally grateful!

– Tim A., San Francisco, CA

I have known Karen for several years now and have worked with her many times on spirit level, clearing things in my lineage and my past and overall helping me to continue moving forward in my spiritual evolution. I have some pets that she has also helped me with when they were struggling because of my forward ascension. She is an amazing person, so genuine, and kind but also very efficient and to the point! A woman of true integrity. You will not regret any time spent working with her! Love her and the work she does. She is always improving herself for the highest good of All.

– Heather H., San Francisco, CA

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