Towards the Zero Point − Strengthening, Neutrality and Detachment



The most efficient path to ascension is by accessing the zero point.

To get to the zero point requires a tremendous internal strengthening so that we can master both the light and the dark, ultimately to enter and hold our position in the middle point between both.

Once we reach the zero point, the ascension upwards in frequency vibration becomes much more efficient because we are in the most direct path (please watch the Mastering Your World Through Frequencies Episode on “What Is The Zero Point?” https://sphericalluminosity.com/what-is-the-zero-point-2/ if you do not know what this refers to)

In our physical experience, as we approach the zero point:

  • We enter a state of greater neutrality which allows us to accept and be at ease with a much broader spectrum of experiences and people (even those who used to trigger us).
  • We experience less, and have much less tolerance for, drama from ourselves or others.
  • We are able to see our own patterns and those of others more clearly and more quickly so we can delete more layers of distortion patterns more quickly.
  • We are less attached to any particular outcome, which means we are much more adaptable and we naturally move towards whatever is the higher resonating order.
  • We free ourselves from the intensity of the experiences we need to have to get to the zero point in the first place, in whatever realm(s) that we have weakness (money, health, relationships, career, etc.), and also from our attachment to being at that former lower resonating order.
  • We enter a greater sense of beingness, and being able to experience the eternal now.
  • We have a much greater magnetism for people, synchronicities, magic and abundance.

To get to the zero point requires a tremendous amount of momentum on spirit level and a high level of personal accountability in the physical realm.

In this Deep Dive, Karen will work with your Higher Self to help to move you even closer to the Zero Point.