how we roll

How We Roll


We Believe That The Seed Of Awakening Already Exists Within Us All

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you have experienced in life, you have limitless potential. Awakening in this lifetime is a possibility for all of us—we just need to raise our vibration by clearing the distortion patterns (unconscious blocks) that keep us from living our highest potential. When that happens, possibility becomes probability and eventually, an inevitability.

how we roll

We Are Honored To Transform Lives and Help People Accelerate Their Spiritual Journey For A Living

By offering powerful new paradigm meditations, educational products, and training programs, books, and experiences, we empower motivated people to awaken and to live their best lives.

We help people (just like you) experience more magic, greater synchronicity, and a profound sense of ease in their lives. Discovering a deeper connection to the world, feeling more alive, able to embrace inner peace and the Divine within. We are a big-hearted, for-profit company that also changes thousands of lives through our free content and resources.


We Are NOT For Everyone

Our work is for growth-minded individuals seeking spiritual and personal momentum.

We value personal accountability, self-awareness, freedom, integrity, kindness, playfulness, humor, compassion and respect for self and others. There’s no room in our world for chronically blaming others, complaining, bullying, shaming, finger pointing, diminishing others or creating drama.


We Have The Power To Change The World

Like ripples from a pebble thrown into a pool, the positive effect you generate as your vibration or frequency level rises spreads out and impacts those around you.

You may never know the incredible effect you have on individual lives, but the work you do changes the world in millions of different ways. And these effects are secondary. They are a natural consequence of raising your vibration or frequency resonance. By focusing on releasing your distortions you keep stepping into even more magnificent versions of yourself—buoying up not only yourself but others around you. Just by being you.

The more of us who take part in this work to raise our frequency resonance, the greater the impact we have as a whole, and the greater the results we bring about— for all of us. You can be an increasingly impactful catalyst for exponential positive change, contributing to the rise of consciousness.


We Believe In You

You are brilliant, and so much stronger than you may think. A magnificent, unstoppable force, fundamentally, eternally connected to the Divine. You are here to express the unique gifts and talents that you and you alone can contribute to humanity. You are an extraordinarily important, irreplaceable part of the All That Is.

We are here to help you flourish and experience your inherent greatness. It’s our honor to guide and support your journey. Let’s rise together!