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People often ask us, “Where do I start?”

To simplify things, we’ve created suggested roadmaps by topic so you can navigate a little more easily, especially while you’re getting your feet wet.

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Note for new folks − if you’ve never done frequency work before we recommend starting with the “New To This” roadmap recommendations in the first section below, before you get to the topic where you get most stuck. It will give you much more momentum than just starting with the topic itself. Yes. It does make a difference!

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What is the difference between attending live and a recording?

Perhaps surprisingly, there is none. Karen works at the frequency level which is beyond time-space. Irrespective of when you listen to the session you will be pulled into the mastermind through the time loop created which brings you into the point in time when these were given live (which Karen refers to as the Eternal Now) so it’s as though you participated live. Cool, right?