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Thank you for your interest in booking a session with Karen.

Individual Frequency Calibrations® (IFCs) 

The demand for IFCs is very high and she usually books up within hours of availability being released.

So if you do not see any sessions available, it is because she is fully booked for this current period. We release her availability approximately 6 weeks in advance. Announcements of the date and time when IFC availability opens are made through our newsletter. If you do not currently receive the newsletter and would like to be added to the newsletter mailing list please email [email protected] and let us know you would like to be subscribed.

To allow Karen to assist a greater number of people, we are requesting that people book no more than two 20 minute sessions every month and they must be at least 1 week apart. This scheduling system is not able to implement this policy, so we are relying on our clients to honor this policy when booking. If you do book more than two 20 minute sessions in any given month period, our customer service team will cancel and refund you for any subsequent 20 minute session after the latest one booked. Again, we are doing this in an effort to give more people more access to this powerful work.

Also, if you book a session for someone else, please indicate their name and email address even if you are the one paying for the IFC. This is especially important if you book a session for yourself and another one for someone else in the same week period—if you do not indicate to us that the additional session is for someone else, the team will cancel it and refund your money, which would’ve been avoided if we had known that the additional session is for someone else.

Couple Frequency Calibrations® (CFCs) 
CFCs are given by Karen over Zoom. Although Chris is primarily behind the scenes running the technology, he’ll also be present to answer questions from the masculine perspective when helpful or appropriate. You’ll receive an audio-only recording of the session as long as the system cooperates. Both partners must be present and willing to participate in the CFC. This is not a counselling session for people to air their grievances, or to seek the satisfaction of being deemed in the right and the other not so. This is frequency work to help you create, experience and maintain an awesome relationship. To book a CFC scroll down past the IFC scheduler and you will find the option to register.