How many times have you felt as if you were stuck in a rut?

That no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you end up no further forward?

Maybe you’re constantly being passed over for promotion, or relationship after relationship ends in bitterness or disappointment. You might feel that your spiritual growth has slowed down and you can’t seem to regain that momentum.

You keep trying to be optimistic, telling yourself that “this time it’ll be different,” but it just doesn’t seem to pan out that way.


Yet now and then, there’s a glimmer of hope.

A new book, or a course, promises a solution to all of life’s problems. And after the first rush of optimism and enthusiasm, the initial progress stalls.

You end up back where you started and hope fades.

The cause of this lack of progress is often because we focus on the physical symptoms of our problems and fail to address the root cause.

So the stumbling blocks remain, standing in your way.

But when you know how to strip away these blocks — what we refer to as distortion patterns—your frequency resonance starts to rise.


And as your frequency rises, your world and how you perceive it begins to shift.

Your life opens up to new opportunities, new synchronicities, and new levels of internal strength so you’re not triggered by the things that used to throw you off balance.

That’s where the real transformation, to discovering the nature of your true essence and your power as intentional co-creator of your reality, can begin.

To discover how frequency work can help you manifest faster, feel more connected and in flow, not to mention accelerate spiritually awakening, click to watch below.

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Don’t know where to start? Here’s what Karen recommends.

Free Webinar - Quiet Your Mind

Free Webinar - Quiet Your Mind

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how much there is to worry about?

Is it sometimes hard to stop your mind from spinning over the same things over and over again?

Maybe your thoughts seem so damn loud?

What if you knew what caused all of that? And more importantly, could turn down the volume of all that stuff in your head?

Sign up here for your free class + GFC meditation

Free Webinar - 6 Essential Ingredients for a Juicy, Connected Long-Term Relationship

Free Webinar - 6 Essential Ingredients for a Juicy, Connected Long-Term Relationship

Discover what really matters AND the root cause that stops you from having the relationship you yearn for.

We debunk one of the worst relationship myths most people believe—an outdated idea that practically guarantees your love will fail.

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Mastering Your World Through Frequencies vlog/podcast

Mastering Your World Through Frequencies vlog/podcast

The Vlog/podcast is an exploration of how things really work behind the curtain of illusion. Why things are the way they are, the reason people experience the things they do and how much power we have to upgrade our reality. At the end of each episode, Karen provides a free Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) meditation for those who actually want to experience change. Intellectual understanding is great but if you want things to shift, the frequency work is where it happens! Learn More

Targeted Support GFC meditations (Group Frequency Calibrations®)

Targeted Support GFC meditations (Group Frequency Calibrations®)

Ready to get unstuck in those areas of life where you seem to tailspin no matter what you do? Do you want to remove those unwanted distortion patterns that weigh you down and stop you from being your best you?  Check out our collection of Group Frequency Calibrations® and Deep Dives (3-part GFC meditation series)