GFC: Christ Consciousness at Winter Solstice – Emergence from Darkness into Light

December 21, 2023

7pm PT / 9pm CT / 10pm ET 45 mins


GFC: Christ Consciousness at Winter Solstice – Emergence from Darkness into Light

Winter solstice has been revered by our ancestors for millenia.

Is there something to it? Or is it just a leftover pagan ritual?

The winter solstice has always been a powerful time for me, even before my abilities came in, because I often experienced powerful internal shifts at that time.

In the shortest day, there is a stillness that we can use to amplify the release of whatever is no longer serving us.

It is also supportive of deep introspection and can lead to heightened clarity of where and what to move into next.

And this year, something special is happening.

More and more I’m noticing that what is known as the Christ consciousness is appearing and interweaving with frequency work that I’ve been giving.

As our collective vibrational level rises, we’re able to access increasingly higher levels of consciousness, including what is known as the Christ consciousness.

I’m definitely not an expert on the humans that religions have been built around.

However, I am an expert on frequencies and consciousness.

From my perspective, the Christ consciousness is a spectrum of consciousness at a certain level of frequency. This spectrum of consciousness was amplified into the human experience by a specific being who held that vibration extremely clearly. It was particularly noteworthy because at the time, consciousness was at a much lower level than it is today (although you wouldn’t necessarily believe it, if you watch the news!).

This level of consciousness with all its clarity, and without the human distortion, is becoming more and more available to us, as we ourselves clarify and rise in our own vibration.

And that spectrum of consciousness is about the expanded heart field, truly unconditional love for everything, including ourselves, and a deeper merging with Pure Source.

So as a celebration of our expanding access to this level of consciousness, I’m giving a very special GFC on the winter solstice as we transition from darkness into greater light.

This will be given over Zoom with audio-only replays. 45 minutes. $49

Let’s rise together!