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The Lost Treasure of the Christ Consciousness: Rediscovering Mary Magdalene – SOLD OUT

September 2, 2024 - September 11, 2024

On this spirit journey to Scotland, we’re on a mission.

There’s a Christ consciousness grid around the earth that’s there to help humanity ascend into a higher consciousness when we’re ready.

And we’re actually almost ready.

Two things are missing for us to begin to access this consciousness level in significant numbers, which will skyrocket our own personal awakening to who we truly are, what we create as our life experience, and who we impact and inspire.

One is to be high enough, individually, in our frequency resonance to access it.

The other is what’s been missing from our awareness of the Christ consciousness, which will finally allow us to not just intellectually understand it, but to actually express it as part of our life experience as humans.

The embodiment and expression of the Christ consciousness in the feminine.

As first embodied by Mary Magdalene.

This has NOTHING to do with being a woman or a man. We each hold both the masculine and the feminine within us.

When the expression of the Christ consciousness through the feminine is rediscovered, restored and honored it creates an opening for unity and wholeness in the embodiment and expression of this consciousness in us as humans.

We can then finally begin to embody that consciousness level without the massive distortion that exists around it from the fragmentation, and the negation and the suppression of its feminine aspect.

We can seed that consciousness level as a whole and completely into human, living embodiment.

Which will not only help each of us that does this to ascend spiritually—it seeds it as a real possibility for all of humanity.

Why Scotland?

The land in Scotland has been quietly and powerfully clarifying for this time. Certain sites, some well-known and others less so, offer us heightened access to the Christ consciousness grid.


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