Client Stories

I don’t know where to begin to tell you how much frequency work has been changing my life and the awe I am in of it all and through it all (even through the detox). The practical tips. The GFC’s.

The timeliness of the subjects discussed. The implementing into every day life no matter what circumstances and conditions are.

The observing and the awareness of the patterns that thread through every element of life.

The awakening to my “S” and the observing of my “s” and the dance of it all at times alongside the judgement that comes up.

The Coherence Mastery class and the dots that have been and continue to be connected … the questions that are being answered … the dings that are going off and the list goes on.

Not to mention the Stability, Growth, Opportunity, and Leadership weekend. I mean “wow” is the understatement!

The way you explain things and the information you bring to the table is priceless and resonates on a level that feels like my soul is finally being hydrated. I feel as if I am a sponge and my thirst is being quenched! It just makes sense and clicks so much into place. The shifts that are taking place are fascinating and empowering. Life-changing.

Frequency work has been the most effective, efficient, “fastest”/direct method I have found along my journey of awakening when it comes to getting to the root of “it all” and true alignment of Self. I have always been a lover of getting to the root of things, unravelling the layers, even if it meant doing the dirty work, healing Whole-istically as opposed to just trying to masquerade and “fix the symptoms” as I realized early on in life that never really seemed to work long-term.

Frequency work has been an answer to prayer and a breath of fresh air that I didn’t even know existed. I am forever grateful for you Karen, Chris and Spherical Luminosity team and the work you are doing in the world! Thank you for existing 🙂 A fan with deep appreciation and much love.

— Maria A., California, USA 


On a recent morning, I was sharing Karen’s work with a friend and surprised myself by saying: “You know how I love pizza, right? My favorite food ever. But if I was forced to choose between pizza and working with Karen, I’d go with Karen.”

And a week or so later, after his initial session with Karen, the friend agreed — Karen over pizza. (I don’t know how obsessed he is with pizza, but he must be a bit of a fan or we’d never be friends.)

In my first session with Karen, she really tapped in to the core frequencies that were holding me back — and she released them.

My heightened fight-or-flight response was gone. This weird fog that I’d never been able to shake — gone. I’d always felt a filter between myself and my surroundings, like I couldn’t effortlessly engage in this reality. And in the coming days and weeks, I would learn that that was finally gone too.

Later that night, I watched an old Christmas movie I’d seen dozens of times. But this time it felt brand new. I was seeing so many things with new eyes. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever need to work with Karen again — I felt so bright and clear and present.

But I did. I got curious: What distortions were beyond that surface layer? Since those old frequencies weren’t returning, what else could we clear? How far could this go?

It turns out this can go pretty far, because the future is limitless. That’s something I didn’t understand before my initial session with Karen. But I know it soclearly now. Limitless. (And if it doesn’t include pizza, I guess I’m fine with that.)

— Hillary S., Los Angeles, USA

I’ve been working with Karen for a while now and have found her sessions both helpful and powerful. Karen has a way of cutting straight to the underlying programs and patterns that hold certain life circumstances in place for us and clearing them instantaneously. I have no idea exactly how she does this but it works! Each time I listen to the session replays I am also able to access deeper levels of healing and clearing, and so the benefits continue outside the sessions too. I’ve also been feeling more powerful and strong in myself since I started working with Karen, as though my foundation has strengthened and I’m stepping more and more into my power. Thank you!

— Virginia E., London, UK

I had been searching and searching for something that allowed myself to feel free. Feel free of whatever unsettledness I’ve had for most of my life. I’ve always known there was a deeper truth but I had forgotten. After several years of opening myself up to conscious work…spirituality, metaphysics and beyond, I knew I was getting closer but still something felt missing from each avenue I explored. That is, until I started working with Karen.

After just one live session, I stop in my tracks and said, “this is it.” This is what I’ve been prepping and waiting for to catapult my next level of awakening.

In less than 5 months of Karen’s work, I’ve experienced simple, profound and effortless shifts daily in my life and the people around me, especially my family. I never dreamed that I would have the kind of relationship I have now with my parents and I actually look forward to spending time with them.

Karen’s highly efficient intuitive abilities tap into beyond what most minds can comprehend and as she lifts any distortions in the way, it gives the opportunity to immediately see the optimal version of myself. As life begins to unfold moment by moment, I become more aware of myself, my environment and I am able to respond in creative ways that I would have never imagined before. It’s as if different parts of my brain are starting to light up to the truest essence of who I am.

I am no longer feeling a sense of distorted longing or angst because I am full and at peace. I feel joy and excitement for my life because that is who I am. I fantasized about arriving to where I am now because my mind thought we’d be striving for fulfillment for a lifetime but I knew that was a distortion!

The heavy patterns of control, oppression, guilt, shame, blame, self-worth…gone! I am trusting and connected even more in all areas of my life. I stopped looking outside of myself and turned inward for wisdom. I am clear and focused in my purpose. My relationship with time and overwhelm are settled.

I am “willing” less and “receiving” more the ideal opportunities that present themselves. I am “doing” less and “being” more. I am aligned more and more with the will of my spirit. My intuition is on fire. I am forty and I’m f’in free! Everything else is a bonus AND I know there’s so much more…excited for beyond limits! Endless thank you’s, Karen!!

— Shelly C., Los Angeles, USA

Karen’s work is nothing short of life-changing. She has an amazing ability to see the underlying patterns that keep us small and limited and stuck. Things like lineage patterns, repressed emotions, unconscious beliefs, and unhealthy family dynamics that unwittingly hold us back. Working with Karen has helped me to release deep-seated patterns of scarcity and worthiness, and live a happier and richer life with greater abundance and peace. I am eternally grateful!

— Tim A., San Francisco, CA

I want to say THANK YOU! I have been on this journey of self-reflection for a while now and I feel that your work has literally catapulted me forward quicker than I could have dreamed.

It is as if your work has allowed all of my work to work – if that makes sense. I am truly grateful and can’t wait to continue my progress with your assistance :).

— Debbie R., Denver, CO

In the week before our individual session, I was gradually listening to all your podcasts and doing the GFCs when I had some space in my day.

The day before our session I was walking in the park with my daughter. I remember telling her how beautiful everything looked, and as if I was seeing it truly for the first time. I told her it all somehow looked magical. I was thinking wow: all those GFCs….

Today as I went about my day, I felt such an inner happiness! I don’t think I have ever felt quite that way from the inside out.

Thank you so much Karen. I keep thinking of how I want so many people to benefit from your work as well!!!

— Susana B., Victoria, Canada

Thank you so much. I already feel a difference after listening to the Deepening Discipline GFC. I was struggling with discipline with my money….I have been chronically overspending since I quit drinking alcohol. Yesterday and today were the first days I did not buy anything on impulse.

I spent the whole day alone, with my feelings and thoughts. Didn’t purchase anything online, didn’t go to the mall to numb or distract. I came close, but was able to check in and reel it back. I feel a sense of confidence now towards money and my ability to exude discipline. I know these are my conscious decisions, but they feel easier!

Denny told me you were going to change my life, and I already am seeing a change. I am grateful for you, but also to myself, for being willing and ready to transform.

— Haley N. Des Moines, IA

I continue to circle back and listen to the GFC recordings. Each time I listen I seem to go deeper and deeper with my experience. It’s really wonderful to have them. I am becoming more and more aware of who I am through a deep silent peace within myself. Less turmoil and more joy fills my every day. THANK YOU!

— Dennis K., Des Moines, USA

I have known Karen for several years now and have worked with her many times on spirit level, clearing things in my lineage and my past and overall helping me to continue moving forward in my spiritual evolution. I have some pets that she has also helped me with when they were struggling because of my forward ascension. She is an amazing person, so genuine, and kind but also very efficient and to the point! A woman of true integrity. You will not regret any time spent working with her! Love her and the work she does. She is always improving herself for the highest good of All.

— Heather H., San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much. That was the most powerful session I think I’ve ever had. It’s been a challenging integration period, but the transformation occurring in my life has been swift. Your advice/tips for integration have made that possible.

— Jasmine C, Seoul, Korea

I can’t believe how different I feel! I did manage to listen to the session last night. It was very insightful to listen to it again! There were so many things that I hadn’t realized that you had said!

I have some aches and I woke up with a sore throat. But that good, cuz I’m releasing! I am super excited about where I am heading with this! And I really look forward to doing more sessions!

— Andrea S, Vancouver, Canada

I wanted to let you know that my experience after the GFC has been profound. Ever since listening I have shifted to peace and lightness. My workout sessions have been effortless the last two days. Grateful for you and your gifts.

— Lori S. Des Moines, IA

I want to thank you again for your help. After feeling stuck and frustrated for most of the year, things seem to be flowing more easily on many levels. I feel reconnected and more centered within my body and I think it’s trying to catch up with the transformations happening at spirit level. It’s an exciting ride!

Much gratitude to you for having the courage and willingness to share your gifts.

— Jean O., Des Moines, IA

Thank you Karen. I actually got an email that was sent a few hours after my session with you that might actually help me on my career path. That was so cool! You are so gifted. With deep gratitude.

— Madoka R., New York, NY

Karen’s sessions have shifted my life incredibly. She has this remarkable gift of being able to detect all my hidden and subconscious patterns and distortions. She can shift them with ease on spirit level. In daily reality I am now able to observe my patterns and suddenly I realized a big change. I crossed a threshold into inner peace, personal success, more ease and fun and joy and a feeling of abundance I didn’t have before. With all my heart, thank you!!

— Doris H., Zurich, Switzerland

Yesterday was my second IFC with Karen and I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully monumental this time has been for me. Her talks and meditations have helped me so much it’s hard to put into words. Before this work I was a shadow of myself. I felt I was non-deserving, I was terrified of my nightmares, I was literally out of time and space. I now see purpose and hope and magic, and I can enjoy this and actually be in the present. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

— Rita V., California, USA

My 11-year old daughter recently suffered a concussion. Within a period of 1 week, she hit the same spot on her head. I instinctively knew that something was causing this to happen again. Indeed, she was asking, “Why do I keep banging my head”. 
I decided to book a session with Karen for my daughter so that she could understand why this was happening. She has listened to several Spherical Luminosity podcasts on a regular basis at night time while going to sleep,and I knew that she would be comfortable talking with Karen.
My daughter had her 20 minute IFC phone call yesterday. When she finished, she walked into the room with a big smile on her face, she said “Mummy, I feel so much better”. She said she didn’t fully understand all that was being talked about, but knew on some level that what had been happening with the repeat head bangs, had been removed, and was going to stop because of the work Karen has done.
I can’t emphasise enough the profound, magical work that Karen does. 
Thank you!!! 

— Pam H., Auckland, New Zealand