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Episode 126: Confidence vs. Bravado

Confidence is something many people wish they experienced more of. In this episode, we discuss what true confidence is — and how to increase it, rather than just mask self-consciousness or self-doubt with bravado. Releasing distortion patterns through frequency work is key to increasing true confidence.

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Episode 125: Truly Falling In Love With Self: Arancha’s Story

Many of us struggle in our relationships — both with others and with ourselves. It can be hard to have fulfilling relationships when we’re not comfortable with who we are. In this episode, Karen catches up with Arancha, a Spherical Luminosity community member. Over the course of a year, Arancha’s been on a fast-track journey with frequency work and has accelerated quickly. Her longtime struggle with relationships has seen a massive transformation as a result.

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Episode 124: When Ego Masquerades As Awakening

Many of us have a desire for awakening, but the ego often has other plans. In this episode, we’re discussing how the ego mind can fool us into thinking we’re making progress when in fact we’re still bound in our minds and have plenty of distortion patterns to release.

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Episode 123: What It Means To Give Our Power Away

Most of us are conditioned to and routinely give our power away, but we rarely recognize that we’re doing it. In this episode, we’re diving into the details: what it means and looks like to give away your power, the consequences of doing so, and how to begin to break the pattern.

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Episode 122: Steady As She Goes – Holding Your Space

You may be familiar with the phrase “holding your space” — but what does it really mean? Why is it so critical? What’s really happening on spirit level? This episode will help you better understand what it means to hold your space and keep your resonance rising by doing so.

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Episode 121: Mastering Your Frequency Bandwidth

Do you feel like life happens to you? Are you in a state of reaction and disempowerment — and wondering how to make a change? In this episode, we’re discussing the frequency bandwidth that corresponds to you as a person: what it is, why it’s important, and how to begin to master it. Frequency work can help raise your resonance by removing distortion patterns to shift you into higher states of being.

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Episode 120: The Danger Of Being Nice

From an early age, most of us have been taught to be nice — but we often express niceness to our own detriment. In this episode, we’re discussing the danger of niceness and exploring the boundary between kindness and self-sacrifice. The frequency work at the end of the episode will begin to release distortion patterns related to this topic.

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Episode 119: The Little Known Recipe For True Success

There aren’t many people who are spiritually advanced and actually behaving that way — not oppressing or controlling others — and living healthy, vibrant, abundant lives. Why is that? In this episode we discuss the little known recipe for true success followed by frequency work to help raise your resonance and release distortion patterns on this topic.

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Episode 118: Absolute Scarcity

“When I’m 15 pounds thinner, I’ll finally be happy.”
“When I’ve met my soulmate, everything will be perfect.”
“When I finally have (fill in the blank) much money, then I’ll feel like I have enough.”

How many of us have had similar thoughts about something we desired but lacked? When we do achieve the thing we want, it can be satisfying — for a little while, but that satisfaction always fades and we’re on to the next bigger, better thing. In this episode, we’re discussing the foundational distortion pattern that keeps us chasing fulfillment.

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Episode 117: A Masculine Perspective On Awakening

Karen and her husband Chris have been on a spiritual journey together since they met in 1994. Part of that journey has been an inquiry into — and embodiment of — the masculine for Chris and feminine for Karen. Along the way, they’ve both discovered that there are very few highly visible role models in this space that aren’t heavily distorted. Chris joins Karen in this episode to share his perspective on that journey, and talk about what the masculine has started to look like for him as he continues to grow. Frequency work can help release distortion patterns that hold you back from accepting all of you. Raise your vibration so that you can more easily embody the highest version of you that is currently available to you.

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Episode 115: Demystifying The Dead

Death is a natural part of the life cycle — and an important part of the spirit’s journey through the human experience — but in our culture (and many others) we fear it and even generally avoid talking about it. In this episode, we’ll be shedding some light on the death process: what happens to people when they die and what happens to dead people who don’t cross over into Pure Source. Raising your frequency resonance can help you hold your space better around this topic.

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Episode 114: Travel – The Opportunity of the Unfamiliar

Travel allows us access to different cultures, food, experiences — and more. In this episode, we’re looking at travel from spirit perspective: how its twists and turns can be excellent practice for the surrender required in our ascension. Frequency work will begin to help release the distortion patterns that prevent us from being open to being in the flow and magic of the present moment.

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Episode 113: Where Do Habits REALLY Come From?

Habits are tricky. Learn where bad habits can come from and why they can be so hard to break and why some good habits are so hard to establish even when we intellectually and emotionally want the outcome that establishing them will give us.

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Episode 112: Imagination – The Key To Much More Than We Think

Is it true that imagination isn’t real? In this episode, we’re talking about imagination from spirit perspective, how it’s one of our most powerful tools, and how it’s vitally important to creation-manifestation. The free GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will begin to help you release the distortion patterns that keep you from accessing the greater potential of your imagination.

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