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Episode 200: Unlocking The Magic – Ceremony Demystified

Sitting in ceremony seems to be really popular these days. From the rise of cacao ceremonies to cleansing ceremonies to full moon ceremonies, ceremony is often seen as synonymous with “spiritual”.

But is it necessarily what we think it is? Where does the power of ceremony really come from?

In this episode, we discuss what true ceremony is, why it can be so powerful, and what to look out for when you participate in ceremony.

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Episode 199: Wholeness Is the New Wellness

Episode 199: Wholeness Is the New Wellness

What does it mean to feel whole? Why is it the foundation of liberation? What can change in your life when you start to experience it?

In this episode, we’re going to discuss how wholeness affects every aspect of wellness—and beyond—and how to increase your sense of wholeness.

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Episode 198: Navigating the Sisterhood – Rising Above Rivalry

Episode 198: Navigating the Sisterhood – Rising Above Rivalry

In recent years there’s been a rise in the notion of the “sisterhood.” An ideal of women supporting women in the face of generations of discrimination.

There have been great strides made, but there’s also a frequently occurring dynamic that rears its head in the everyday interactions between women. And not only can it diminish other women, it can even prevent a woman from really coming into her own authority and power.

In this episode, we’re discussing competition between women, why it happens from spirit perspective, what to look out for, and how to navigate it.

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Episode 197: Feeling Awesome Around Low Vibe People

There’s a lot of fear, uncertainty, scarcity, and anger out there. And it can be hard to deal with people who predominantly see the world that way.

In this episode, we’re discussing how to navigate relationships with those who vibrate lower, why those people are in your world, and how you can best learn from your experience with them without it pulling you down, too.

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Episode 196: Healing vs Growing – Do You Need Fixing?

So many of us feel like we need to be healed, that we’re broken, and that somehow there’s something damaged and inherently wrong with us.

But is there a fundamental disconnect in the journey of “healing” that can actually keep us from moving forward into an even better version of ourselves?

In this episode, we have a moving discussion of a key distinction that’s a total game changer, helping us shift from being stuck, with only some small, hard-earned gain, to an experience of acceleration, expansion, and even spiritual awakening.

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Episode 195: Finding Your Center in a Global Meltdown

Everything seems to be getting more uncertain, from the weather to the economy. How do you best cope with these polarized and unstable times? And why is this all happening?

Today we’re discussing the reason for all the stuff that’s going on these days, how to cope, AND even better, how to thrive.

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Episode 194: The Illusion of Scarcity

Scarcity is everywhere you look. Even in people who seem to have a lot of money, there’s so often a fear that there will not be enough in the future. And actually, it’s not just about money. People experience scarcity of time, resources, love, attention — you name it.

So if it’s everywhere, why am I suggesting that scarcity’s not really real?

In this episode, we’re discussing one of the most pervasive and deep-set illusions at this level of consciousness, and how to break the illusion of scarcity and start to access the limitless abundance that’s our birthright.

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Episode 193: The Ultimate Freedom – Spiritual Sovereignty

Many people strive to feel freer in their options, their opportunities, and how they express themselves. But what is real freedom, sovereignty from a greater spiritual perspective?

And why is it so important for the awakening process and for living your best life? What does it take to get there? And how do things change for us in our life experience as we become increasingly free on spirit level?

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Episode 192: Identity – The Invisible Force That Holds You Back

Did you know that one of the biggest obstacles to the change or transformation we want to experience is the attachment to who we think we are? Or said differently, our identity?

In this episode, we explore our attachment to identity, what that can look like, how it limits us, and how our experience can radically change once we loosen the grip of attachment.

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Episode 191: The Unexpected Connection Between Grief & Growth

Even if we’re not consciously aware of it, grief is often very interwoven in our lives. Whether it’s people you love having passed on, or you’ve left a relationship that no longer served you, or even if you’re moving into a newer, better version of yourself—we can grieve the loss of what was, even those things that we know weren’t really good for us.

It is so visceral, often painful and it can sometimes feel like it’ll never end.

In this episode we dive into how to best journey through grief, the importance of and the reason for the grief process, and what to watch out for.

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Episode 190: What’s REALLY Behind the Curtain

You may have heard the term “the illusion” when it comes to our physical reality. But what does that really mean? It definitely seems like reality is pretty solid! And more importantly, if this is really an illusion, is it possible to change how we experience it?

In this episode, we discuss what the illusion is, how it’s created, its real purpose, and how you can alter your own experience of the illusion.

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Episode 189: The Wisdom Keepers & Ancestors

Many traditions talk about ancestors, elders and wisdom keepers. Do these beings actually still have an impact on us today? If so, what role do they play? What makes them special?

There are a lot of stories and beliefs around them, and also a pretty common misconception that someone is a wisdom keeper just because they’re of advanced age.

In this episode, we talk about wisdom keepers, elders and ancestors, how they overlap and how they’re different, how they are helping us as we transition to the new consciousness, how to identify a wisdom keeper and some things to watch out for.

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Episode 188: You Are Limitless—Becoming A Next Level Human

You may have heard people (or even me!) talk about the “new consciousness,” or sometimes the “new earth.” So that sounds intriguing, and probably like a good thing, but is this a real thing? If so, what does it really mean for us, as humans?

In this episode, we’re discussing what it means to be a “new consciousness” or “new paradigm” human. We talk about what the experience can look like, what is possible as many of us rise exponentially in frequency resonance, and what we need to do to access this new level of potential.

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Episode 187: Unlocking the Secrets of Frequency Work—Key Nuances Explained

Understanding nuance can lead to important “aha moments.” In this episode, we address some subtleties of the expressions and terms I commonly use in the podcast, workshops and retreats. Things like:

“If you don’t understand what I’m saying, don’t worry – the words I’m saying are not important.” Well, what do you mean they’re not important?

Also things like:

“What is embodied knowingness?”

“What do you really mean by frequency resonance?”

“What do you mean by ‘Let’s rise together!’?”

So if you’d like to get a deeper understanding of some of my most commonly used shorthand terms, definitely check out this episode!

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Episode 186: The Power Of Personal Awakening—Moving Beyond The Guru Mentality

In the new paradigm that we’re entering, the path to spiritual awakening is radically different.

In this episode, we’re talking about how limited and often disempowering the old paradigm was and contrast that to what is now possible in terms of experience and speed as we enter the new paradigm.

The frequency work meditation associated with this episode will start to help you to release the distortion patterns that keep you bound in disempowerment in your own awakening process.

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