We have an exciting change to announce for Mastering Your World Through Frequencies. If you missed it in the newsletter, after over 100 episodes, Dennis has decided to pass the co-host torch to someone new. It’s a tremendous amount of work to create these episodes, and after two years of exploring these topics together, Dennis wants to spend more time visiting off camera rather than on. We are so very grateful for his curiosity, the laughter, and his solid presence that he’s shared with all of us. 
This week is the first episode with our new co-host… drumroll please… Tia Hendrickson (soon to be Tia Sims)! Many of you wrote in to say how much you enjoyed watching her episode so we asked her if she’d be game to co-host and she responded with a very enthusiastic YES! 
Our dynamic is different from that of Dennis and me together, and to me it feels awesome in its own way. We hope you enjoy watching this new version of Mastering Your World Through Frequencies as much as we do creating it!
So now, we’ll shift gears to the actual episode, which happens to cover a pivotal topic and foundational distortion pattern that keeps many of us stuck.

When I was in seventh grade, it was the height of cool to know all the lyrics to the popular songs.
All the popular girls could sing any song in the top 10 if, not the top 40.
I, however, could somehow not remember any lyrics. I was pretty certain that if I could just at least get the first couple of lines and the chous nailed it would help me be more “in”.
I don’t know why I never considered my huge red plastic rimmed glasses, my braces and out of control “China-fro” as more of an issue, but at 12, lyrics is where my mind went.
So anyway, every Sunday, I’d listen to the American Top 40 hosted by Casey Casem and try to remember the words to the popular songs. At first I tried writing them down but that seemed really like homework (and I had PLENTY of that already) so I abandoned that and tried to just listen and remember.
I could never really remember them as well as the other girls and on top of that, the songs kept changing! No matter how many I learned there were always new songs that I didn’t know and the songs I knew had already become “old” songs.
It didn’t matter how many lyrics I knew, I’d never really get into the popular crowd. And especially at that age, I was really hoping to be considered one of the cool kids.
In this week’s episode, (#118!) Tia and I discuss a foundational distortion pattern that many don’t know about that I call “Absolute Scarcity.” We talk about what it is, how it drives consumerism and how it keeps us trapped in our choices.
The GFC (Group Frequency Calibration®) at the end will help to begin to release Absolute Scarcity, which is super pervasive and affects us all in some really challenging ways.
Without releasing these distortion patterns, it’s basically impossible to feel internally complete. So let’s do this.
Let’s rise together!



  • Absolute scarcity is a foundational distortion pattern that most — if not all — human beings experience. When we come into embodiment as humans, we drop in vibrational level and pass through the veil of forgetting. As part of this process, we forget our true essence as indestructible infinite consciousness, connected intrinsically to the Oneness.

  • Instead, we believe that we’re finite, disconnected from the divine, and that we need something external to us to complete us. We seek out these external things to fulfill this perceived lack of inherent completion: a partner, house, job, clothes, etc. We fixate on these things to provide the sense of being whole.

  • This distortion pattern keeps us in lack. Even if we do get the house, job, partner — whatever — the satisfaction doesn’t last long. We set off again to find the next thing that we feel like will make us complete. And this scarcity is reinforced and encouraged in our consumer culture — advertising leads us to believe happiness comes from our consumption.

  • The disconnect comes from associating strongly with the (small ’s’) self, or the ego mind, in which we feel separate from the divine. In this paradigm, we’re only seeing reality through the framework of the mind. But at a higher resonance, you access more of the world from spirit, or the (big ’S’) Self. When you see the world from the lens of the Self, you experience more of your connection to Pure Source. And as you cultivate this awareness, you realize that everything in the field of possibilities is within. You remember that you are internally whole.

  • When you become detached from the scarcity that drives so much of our consumption, you can enjoy things in a different way. You can enjoy a new car, for example, from a clearer place. The car doesn’t mean anything about who you are, or your identity. It’s more joyful and fun.

  • As your resonance rises, you might also feel yourself wanting to purge your belongings. At a certain level, you don’t need things that you associated with when you were at a lower resonance. Since you feel more of your fullness on spirit level, you may find that you don’t need or want as much on the physical level.

  • As human beings, we’ve all agreed to forget our true nature as infinite indestructible consciousness. As a result, absolute scarcity is very human, but frequency work allows us to strengthen internally and return to a sense of completion. Rather than use external things to feel complete, we can have a whole new relationship with ourselves and the world around us.