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When I was growing up, my parents—being good Chinese parents—were relentless about my sister and me achieving 100% in everything we did.

That meant getting all As, being exceptional at playing the piano, and also strong in sports (the bar for sports was thankfully lower).

As far as they were concerned, if we didn’t hit that bar in everything we did, then we wouldn’t get into a good college, and therefore wouldn’t get good jobs, and somehow taking this line of reasoning to its not-totally-logical extreme, we’d end up homeless, destitute, living under a bridge in a flimsy cardboard box.


So all of that discipline was to ensure our success.

To them, us achieving 100% meant they were properly providing for us and preparing us for the future.

Failure was never an option for us (and by the way, in our house, anything less than an A was a failure. Yikes).

So the conclusion I ended up coming to was that my value, my self-worth, was tied to me being perfect.

We often think that perfection is the way to success. Success in business, socially, in our physical appearance, and even in our spirituality.

But is perfection really all that? And is it required for spiritual awakening?

In today’s episode, we discuss what truly gives us self-worth, how you know when you have healthy self-worth, why self-worth is such a challenge for SO many of us, and the impact of self-worth on everything, including spiritual awakening.

The Group Frequency Calibration® (GFC) associated with this episode will help you to start to release patterns of low self-worth.

Without clearing these distortion patterns, you’ll never feel like you’re enough to have what you truly want to experience.

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There’s a sneaky, very pervasive pattern that keeps us from experiencing the abundance we want, the love we desire, and the fulfillment we seek.

It shows up in all kinds of ways and it can be damn hard to release because it’s so deep.

It’s low self-worth, or said differently a feeling of non-deserving. Of not being enough.

In this episode, we talk about why this pattern is so deep, how it shows up to limit us in so many ways that we’re often not aware of, and how to let it go—enough for a significant shift to start to happen.