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50% Off July Coherence Mastery Class #3

Thursday, July 30, 2020

7pm PT/ 8pm MT/ 9pm CT/ 10pm ET
45 -50 minutes
Coherence is the key to perceiving and experiencing a better physical reality.

A system works best when it’s in coherence because all its parts are in alignment, in harmony and in sync. It acts more as a unified whole.

This is particularly true as we enter the new consciousness where the frequency resonance is much higher, and the more coherence the system has, the better it can integrate and move forward.  

The less coherence a system has the harder it is to access the new consciousness and once there, stay in it.  

So the more coherence the better the system works—the better the experience of the system as a whole.

From my perspective, it must happen first on spirit level by removing the relevant distortion patterns because when we have clarity on spirit level it catalyzes change in our perception and experience of our physical reality.

Ultimately it’s all about our awareness of our connection to Pure Source. The clearer that awareness the better, and everything else follows. The higher your resonation, the faster things in your physical world shift to reflect the new reality on spirit level.

And once you get to a certain level of coherence on spirit level, you can accelerate the frequency work on the physical realm.

Yep—what we do, think, and feel on the physical level can accelerate the frequency work IF we’re consciously implementing some specific strategies and practices, which has the side benefit of bettering our perception and experience of our physical lives.

I feel this is an important part in feeling empowered in your life and feeling like you’re moving forward, which has been an important missing piece in helping to accelerate the frequency work on the physical, emotional and mental levels.

Have you ever wondered:
  • What can I do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis so I can accelerate the most both on spirit level AND the physical level?
  • What can I do daily, weekly, monthly to access, stay in and grow into the new consciousness frequencies?
  • How can I keep up that momentum, even if I’m feeling shaky, overwhelmed, distracted, emotional or otherwise not at my best?
  • Where can I maintain connection with a powerful mastermind that will amplify and support my focus and momentum, a mastermind that’s not totally mired in old paradigm consciousness?

If these questions resonate with you, this is the class for you.

I’ve personally paid $198/month for ONE class a month with a high performance coach, without the frequency work, $497 for 3 classes a month on intimacy and partnership, and $556 a month for ONE class of advanced frequency work without the physical immersion.

I’m so glad for having done all of it, and it was worth it, but I know that level of investment can be prohibitive for many.

So I’m offering the 3 classes for $120/month, starting in August (and ongoing until I get the signal to stop!).

And since this is a new offering, so people can have a chance to check it out before they decide whether it’s worth $120/month to them, I’m offering it at 50% off for the month of July.  

So that’s $60 (+ 4% HI tax) for July’s three classes.  

Without this coherence on all levels, we struggle more and it takes longer for us to see change in our physical realities.
Class 1, Thursday, July 16, 7PM PT/8 PM MT/9 PM CT/10 PM ET
Class 2, Thursday, July 23, 7PM PT/8 PM MT/9 PM CT/10 PM ET
Class 3, Thursday, July 30, 7PM PT/8 PM MT/9 PM CT/10 PM ET