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Birthing A New You – Tolantongo Caves Add-On

Monday, October 10, 2022 - Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Hidalgo, Mexico

Spoiler alert: Epic spirit adventure ahead!

Tolantongo is an extraordinary place.

A sacred site. A place of power. And it’s absolutely stunning.

To be in the abundance of so much clear, beautiful, structured water in the aridness of the desert is a physical reflection of living the abundance of the Eternal Now.

Karen and Chris visited this amazing place with some friends during their two month stay in San Miguel de Allende in early 2022. 

Karen did some impromptu frequency work on the little group while they were there and was blown away by how powerful the work was. They knew right away that they wanted to bring people here to experience the potential and the acceleration for themselves.

The frequency work that Karen is able to give here is so incredible because of the power of the water — the water amplifies the clear earth frequencies, pulling you firmly into the present moment, and also helps wash away distortions at an accelerated rate. Wow.

October 10-12, 2022

What’s included in this adventure:

  • Three days with powerful frequency work
  • Transportation to and from Tolantongo from San Miguel De Allende (approximately 4 hours in each direction)
  • Entrance fee (there are two separate sites each with their own access fee, and we will be going to both)
  • Onsite lodging for 2 nights

Please note that this does NOT include the cost of meals which are basic and also inexpensive (plan on $15-$20 USD for the day).

This is a physical adventure. It will require that you’re in gorgeous warm water for most of the time and that you can walk up and down hilly terrain and steps.

This place is really out in the middle of nowhere, and the few restaurants here all offer similar very simple Mexican fare (tacos, quesadillas, simple platillos with grilled meat, beans & rice). 

They will definitely NOT accommodate special dietary needs. At all. 

If this is a challenge, we would suggest bringing all the food you need for the duration. 

Please note that the lodging is very basic/rustic, kind of like glamping. In Karen and Chris’s experience, though, it was clean. There was of course running water in the bathrooms (including hot water), and the beds were fairly comfy, but there was nothing luxurious about the space.

So if you require a 4 or 5-star hotel experience to feel comfortable, this is not the event for you.

If, however, you’re up for some adventure and an experience of a lifetime, and can roll with basic food and lodging, then this is right up your alley and we look forward to sharing this incredible place with you!

Please note that the registration link for Tolantongo will be sent in your confirmation email for the San Miguel De Allende retreat. Only retreat participants are able to attend.

*All sales are final. No refunds.