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Coherence Mastery Module 2 Taking Flight

Thursday, December 17, 2020

7pm PT/ 8pm MT/ 9pm CT/ 10pm ET
45 - 50 Minutes
Coherence is the key to perceiving and experiencing a better physical reality.

A system works best when it’s in coherence because all its parts are in alignment, in harmony and in sync, allowing it to act more as a unified whole. This is also true for the systems that we consider to be our selves. Particularly as we enter the new consciousness where the frequency resonance is much higher, the more coherence the system (on both spirit and physical level) has, the better it can integrate and move forward.

Conversely, the less coherence we have, the harder it is for us to access the new consciousness, and once we have managed to cross that threshold, to stay there. So if we can do something to boost the coherence, we can better the experience of the system as a whole—which of course translates into a better experience of our lives and our realities, on both the physical and spirit levels.

From my perspective, the best approach is to establish coherence first on spirit level by removing the relevant distortion patterns because having clarity on spirit level catalyzes change in our perception and experience of our physical reality.

Ultimately it all comes down to (unsurprisingly) our awareness of our connection to Pure Source. The clearer that awareness the better, and everything else follows. The higher your resonation, the faster things in your physical world can shift to reflect the new reality on spirit level.

And once you get to a certain level of coherence on spirit level, what happens in your physical reality can actually help accelerate the frequency work you do.

Yep—what we do, think, and feel on the physical level can accelerate the frequency work IF we’re consciously implementing some specific strategies and practices, which has the side benefit of bettering our perception and experience of our physical lives.

This concept of coherence is an important part in feeling empowered in your life and feeling like you’re moving forward. It took me several years of doing frequency work before I realized how significant coherence is, and how much potential it has to help us boost the impact of the frequency work on the physical, emotional and mental levels.

Have you ever wondered:

– What can I do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis so I can accelerate the most both on spirit level AND the physical level?

– What can I do daily, weekly, monthly to grow into, access, and stay in the new consciousness frequencies?

– How can I keep up that momentum, even if I’m feeling shaky, overwhelmed, distracted, emotional or otherwise not at my best?

– How and where can I maintain connection with a powerful mastermind that will amplify and support my focus and momentum—a mastermind that’s not totally mired in old paradigm consciousness?

If these questions resonate with you, this will probably be a great class for you.

Originally, I thought this class was going to be a subscription type model, so whoever wanted to join could join for the next month at any time along the way, take any number of months off, then rejoin again whenever they wanted—prioritizing giving people maximum flexibility to come and go as they please.

But I’ve since received further guidance about how to best conduct this class series so participants get the maximum benefit.

I’ve now understood that offering the flexibility to come and go would actually prevent me from building on the information given in previous sessions, because people could join at any point, and they wouldn’t have the same mental knowledge base or the same level of frequency work as people who had been there the previous months.

This would not only create significant challenges for the newly joined folks, it would also cause the mastermind to lose forward momentum.

So, to keep things moving along as efficiently and effectively as possible, and to give the most momentum and stability to the mastermind, the series is broken up into three modules that work as follows:

Module 1 – Laying The Groundwork

The focus of Module 1 is to lay the foundation for a rewired and reset system built on greater coherence, for greater acceleration on spirit level and change on the physical plane, we must first dismantle the foundational distortion patterns that keep us stuck.

I’ve found that those foundational distortion patterns often work together in a dynamic, so as we work to release them one at a time through the frequency work and through the practical coherence tips in the physical realm, they start to fall away in groups, en masse. The dynamic breaks apart and we can start to experience more freedom, more momentum and more change.

Module 2 – Taking Flight

Module 2 “Taking Flight” builds on the momentum from the breaking apart of those foundational distortion patterns to push our frequency resonance bandwidth higher. The sustained breaking away from these distortion patterns gives us more upward momentum in our overall frequency resonance—the bandwidth at which we exist.

In this module, we begin to cultivate practices to be aware of and navigate the frequency bandwidth that we exist in at any current moment, in addition to doing the frequency work to support us in staying as high in that range as we can in any given moment.

So not only are we breaking away from distortion patterns that keep us stuck, we are moving more rapidly towards being able to amplify the frequencies that we want to embody more of.

Module 3 – Learning To Soar

Module 3 “Learning to Soar” gives us a boost to help us explore the space and greater freedom we’ve gained by removing those foundational distortion patterns in Module 2. Learning to Soar is about not only gaining mastery over the bandwidth of frequencies that we are, it is also intended to enhance recognition of and more of an experience of our brilliance and who we are as Creators. This module is where the greatest momentum is ultimately gained because so much of that foundational distortion pattern “ballast” will have been shed in the previous modules.

As mentioned above, each module is a prerequisite of the subsequent module. If the cutoff time for participating “live” in any particular module has passed, the prior module or modules will be available as a replay, and will need to be completed prior to participating in the upcoming module. The replays include video recordings of the Zoom sessions, audio recordings of the sessions and the GFCs broke out separately so participants can do the GFCs as many times as desired without having to search for the beginning of the GFCs, as well as PDFs of any practical tips given during the sessions.

Module 1 can no longer be enrolled in for live participation, but the replay is available here

Module 2 “Taking Flight”, is now closed for enrollment, 

It is $120/month to participate in Coherence Mastery live. You can opt out at any time, however if you opt out before the end of the module, you cannot opt back in until the next module opens.

Please email [email protected] if you would like to be put on the list of people to be notified when Module 2 is available as a replay to participate in Module 3 live.