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Deep Dive: Clearing & Honing Intuition Part 2 of 3

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

7pm PT/ 9pm CT/ 10pm ET
35-45 mins
Have you ever second guessed or dismissed an intuitive knowingness and later regretted it? Do you have trouble distinguishing between a thought and an intuitive knowing? Would you like to strengthen your intuition?
It can be really hard to have clear intuitive knowingness when we have distortion patterns that get in the way of what we receive. 
Just as when light distorts when it comes through a dirty glass lens, distortion patterns filter what we are able to perceive and receive from Higher Self and Pure Source. This gets particularly challenging when we have many layers of distortion patterns, so to have clearer intuition you need to remove some of the layers of distorted filters.
On top of that, not everyone receives intuitive hits in the same way, yet many of us think that we should receive them the same way we believe everyone else does.
Whether you’ve struggled with being able to perceive your intuition or would like to cultivate and sharpen it, you can join Karen for this Deep Dive where she’ll work with your Higher Self to:


  • Release the distortion pattern of expectation and attachment to perceiving your intuition in a particular way
  • Address the distortion pattern of self doubt & second guessing
  • Amplify your trust in intuitive knowingness that is non-linear and beyond the mind
  • Let go of fear of failing, making a mistake and/or appearing foolish
  • Remove the distortion pattern of lack of trust in self
  • Clarify your own intuition instead of having to rely on external things like guides or other beings
  • Center you into the zero point of space and time so you can be in the place where you can most powerfully receive


    • Part 1 Wednesday, October 6, 7PM PT/9 PM CT/10 PM ET
    • Part 2 Wednesday, October 13, 7PM PT/9 PM CT/10 PM ET
    • Part 3 Wednesday, October 20, 7PM PT/9 PM CT/10 PM ET

***If you would like to register for this Deep Dive after the first call is held, please email [email protected]. Once you register you will receive link(s) for the previous call(s) and links for the upcoming call(s).