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Deep Dive: Freeing Yourself From the Self Abuse & Paralysis of Perfectionism Part 1 of 3

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

7:00pm PT/8:00pm MT/9:00pm CT/10:00pm ET
35-45 minutes
Do you find yourself having these great ideas but you get stuck with launching them into the world because they’re not “good enough yet” so nothing really comes into form? Have you found that you don’t trust your ability to adapt so you want to get everything just right before you do anything? Have you noticed that you often criticize or judge others for not meeting your standard of perfection or the way things “should be” so you’re worried or fearful of their judgment of you? Is your own internal standard for yourself so high that you can never live up to it and so you’re always beating yourself up?

Many of us have an ideal or standard of perfection that we measure ourselves and others against. Sometimes we’re not even aware of what that standard is or where it came from.

Often that standard of perfection comes from an external source, such as parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, people we admire, etc., who are themselves distorted, and it’s not uncommon for that standard to be impossible to achieve. And yet, we judge ourselves or others harshly when the standard is not lived up to.

Sometimes this standard of perfection holds us in a pattern of paralysis or inaction when we want to move forward, but our fear of (inevitable) failure keeps us from taking action.

Join Karen as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Enhance your awareness of what your standard of perfection is and where it came from so you can see it more clearly
  • Release your attachment to that standard of perfection
  • Delete the pattern of judgement of self or self abuse when perfect is not achieved
  • Let go of the judgment of others when they don’t measure up to a standard that is internal to you, which will give people more ease in being with you
  • Remove the fear of judgment or criticism when you release something into the world that you’ve created
  • Delete the fear of not being able to adapt to whatever arises, which means you have to get everything right or anticipate everything before you can put something you create into the world
  • Release the pattern that makes you believe that what you DO is what gives you value, rather than who you ARE
  • Increase the comfort you have with yourself so you feel free to express yourself authentically as opposed to within the constraint of what is “appropriate” or “perfect”
  • Shift your focus to mastery, which is a constant process of refinement rather than trying to attain an unreachable standard of perfection

$59 + 4% HI state tax (THREE 35-45 MINUTE CALLS + RECORDING)

  • PART 1, Tuesday, July 7, 7:00PM PT/ 8:00PM MT/ 9:00PM CT/ 10:00PM ET
  • PART 2, Tuesday, July 14, 7:00PM PT/ 8:00PM MT/ 9:00PM CT/ 10:00PM ET
  • PART 3, Tuesday, July 21, 7:00PM PT/ 8:00PM MT/ 9:00PM CT/ 10:00PM ET