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Deep Dive: Transcending Low Self Worth and Non Deserving Part 2

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

7pm PT/ 8pm MT/ 9pm CT/ 10 pm ET
35- 45 minutes

One of the greatest obstacles we face to whatever we want to achieve (health, wealth, relationship, enlightenment, etc.) is the frequency of non-deserving.

Because we see ourselves through this filter, however conscious we may be of it, Spherical Luminosity or Spherical Abundance (abundance in all aspects of our lives) is elusive despite it being our natural state.

If we are running this pattern of low self worth, if on some level we don’t feel we deserve “it,” it’s virtually impossible to experience Spherical Abundance.

Often this frequency of non-deserving is running not only through us but deeply through our lineage and our culture.

It is reinforced through most religions to keep us in a disempowered state.

If we fundamentally believe that we are not Divine, nor are we worthy of it, then we often believe we need an intermediary to get to where or who we already are.

It is virtually impossible to claim the brilliance of who we are if we have this and related patterns running through us.

If you really want to have or be something else, this frequency pattern and associated distortion patterns must be removed.

Join Karen as she works with your Higher Self to:

  • Clear our attachment and/or habitation to being victims or disempowered
  • Delete the willingness to  settle for a sense of comfort of what is known even if it doesn’t make us happy
  • Remove residues from past lives that reinforce that we are not worthy
  • Release the belief or pattern that we need to “pay a price” to deserve the brilliance we already are
  • Clear the pattern that we need to do or achieve something in order to be deserving or have worth
  • Release the program (often religious) that we are inherently unworthy of the brilliance that we are because we are embodied in physical form
  • Remove the programming that we have to settle for “less than,”  either because we don’t deserve something better or because something better likely will not come along
  • Let go of the thought form that it is egotistical or self aggrandizing to recognize your own brilliance
  • Amplify the clarity of your true essence so you can begin to experience your own brilliance
  • Instill the higher level frequencies of “beingness” which resets the belief that we have to do or produce in order to be valued
  • Move us closer to the zero point so we are less attached to the external things, strengthening our internal spirit-selves so we can begin to recognize the brilliance of who we are
  • PART 1, Wednesday, August 7,  7pm PT/ 8pm MT/ 9pm CT/ 10pm ET
  • PART 2, Wednesday, August 14, 7pm PT/ 8pm MT/ 9pm CT/ 10pm ET
  • PART 3,Wednesday, August 21, 7pm PT/ 8pm MT/ 9pm CT/ 10pm ET

***If you would like to register for this Deep Dive after the first call is held, please email [email protected]. Once you register you will receive link(s) with the recording(s) for the previous live call(s) and the link(s) for the upcoming call(s).