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Ending Emotional Eating Series — Part 4 of 5

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Online Event Series
6:30pm PT/ 8:30pm CT/ 9:30pm ET
75-90 mins

Do you find yourself eating because you’re bored or stressed, or trying to avoid feeling certain feelings? And maybe you keep finding yourself caught in the cycle of deprivation, binging, guilt, shame and then deprivation again?

So many people get trapped in this dynamic with food. Eating is no longer really about physical hunger. It’s about unresolved emotion and the distortion patterns that cause it.

To break free from this dynamic and transform your relationship with food, you need to get to the root of the problem—the distortion patterns that cause this eating dynamic.

AND once those distortion patterns are gone, you can establish a new, constructive, and happy relationship with food, based on distilled practical information, and the right strategies. End the struggle between your hunger, your willpower, and your emotions. 

It’s time to step into a higher resonating relationship with food. One that nourishes you and keeps you at a high vibrational level so you can thrive, feel good about yourself and celebrate the pleasure and freedom of intentional, guilt-free eating.

This transformational 5-part series will help you get there. I’m collaborating with Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Kristin Rowell. This series includes both real-world practical knowledge and strategies, combined with focused frequency work to target the blocks that are keeping you stuck. We’ll be addressing:

  • What the source of nourishment is, how to nourish yourself and frequency work to help you actually feel nourished
  • What your body needs to thrive with vitality and frequency work to maximize your life force
  • How to optimally eat for better sleep, sustained energy & fat burning and the frequency work to support this
  • The hidden connection between your gut health, immune system and your brain and the frequency work to bring these into coherence
  • Strategies for dealing with emotions, and family and social gatherings, and the frequency work to not get sideswiped by control and interpersonal dynamics 
  • Audio & video replays so you can listen or watch segments that you miss live or which you need deeper work in
  • Live Q&A for further clarification

This 5-part series will be given live over Zoom at 6:30pm PT, starting Feb 14th, 2023. Each session will be between approximately 75 and 90 minutes.