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Free Coherence Foundation Class – Setting The Groundwork For More Awesome

Thursday, June 18, 2020

7pm PT/ 8pm MT/ 9pm CT/ 10pm ET
90 minutes

Many of us struggle with either feeling unsuccessful or unfulfilled in the physical world, or feel dissatisfied with our spiritual growth, and unfortunately many of us experience that in both realms.

Although it’s not normally presented this way, what I’ve found is that our physical reality and how we experience it is actually inseparable from our spiritual experience. Trying to separate the two and focus on just one or the other is simply not going to lead to an experience of living an epic life.

I haven’t come across very many role models of people who are truly spiritually advanced and actually behaving that way—not oppressing or controlling others—AND who are living vibrantly healthy, fulfilled, happy and abundant lives.

So after a 25+ year exploration, loads of trial and error, and searching both as deeply inward and as far outward as I can, I’ve realized a lot of this comes to down to one word:


The greater the coherence we have on spirit level the faster we accelerate spiritually because we are internally much stronger, more cohesive. We have more spiritual mass, so to speak, so we can accelerate even more, and from a place of much greater stability to support that massive growth.

The greater the coherence on physical level, the body works better, integrated like a well oiled machine. Often, the cap on spirit acceleration is how much your physical body can sustain in terms of being able to take in, adjust to and integrate the higher frequencies we enter as we clear more and more distortion patterns.

But it doesn’t stop there. It’s when we also have coherence between the spirit AND the physical that life truly becomes epic.

Hmmm . . .

So how do we create coherence between our spirit and the physical, when we’re doing all this work on spirit level?

I wondered that too.

I realized from experimenting on myself and sharing with a few brave friends, that if I integrated certain modalities and frameworks that are based in the physical realm AND I added a higher level perspective, they not only led to a better physical life, but fueled by the frequency work, the quality of and perception of my life got much better, much faster.

Life and spiritual growth are about constant refinement. There’s no specific end goal we’re going to reach, but the process of continuous refinement leads to mastery, which is how we make our lives into masterpieces, on all levels.

So to that end, to help you start to experience epicness in both the physical and spirit level, I’m giving a 90 minute class + GFC on what I call Coherence Mastery.

This is a class I would normally charge $79 for because it’s going to be an action-packed class with easy to implement strategies and takeaways of what I feel have been the most impactful for an all around awesome life.

AND, most importantly, I’m giving a GFC (or possibly two—we’ll have to see how the time goes) to do the frequency work so what we learn and implement in the physical has even more momentum so we can REALLY shift things.

I’m really excited about this because I feel like this idea of coherence is a critical piece that has been missing for many people who come to me for help.

To be completely transparent, I’m thinking of offering this as an ongoing class but I have no idea what the response to this will be AND I feel it’s really important, so I’m offering this special class + GFC for . . .


Yep. That’s right. Free!

That way you all can have access to this foundational class if you choose, regardless of financial means.

This will give me practical experience working with first-ever class focusing on multi-level coherence, and hopefully lots of great feedback from the class participants, about whether this is something you all feel will be good to continue with—whether there’d be enough interest in the pursuit of coherence to warrant an ongoing class with that as the primary focus.

And even if I decide not to proceed with a class, everyone will have had a huge boost in their ability to create the coherence that I have realized is so critical.

So this is totally “new paradigm”—a win-win situation for everyone.

We’re using a new system to handle sign-ups for this class, so you’ll need to register to get access to the info. Of course we’re going to try to work out all the kinks before we go live with the registrations, but because it’s new to us, please be patient if it does turn out to be a little “cloodgey.”

And again, this is free so it’s likely worth a little difficulty if any does arise!

If you can’t make it live, it will be recorded so you can watch (hopefully, if the technology cooperates) or listen later.

Also, this class is open to anyone, regardless of how much frequency work they’ve done, so please share this page with a friend you feel this could help.

Looking forward to working together with you soon!