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FREE Community Support: Catalyzing True Change: Casting Off Oppression Within Self & Others

Monday, June 29, 2020

7:45pm PT/8:45pm MT/9:45pm CT/10:45pm ET
30 -40 minutes

In the past few weeks, there has been a wave of reaction to systemic racism within the power structures of our societies, particularly in the US.
George Floyd’s death viscerally highlights our ability to dehumanize one another, the level of separateness from Other.

For many, this idea of separation has magnified or distorted into outright fear, hatred and the feeling of the right to oppress.

For others it’s less obvious but still lurks within unexamined parts of themselves, a reaction of fear to someone else based on what they look like when there is no threatening movement, or the tendency to discount someone’s opinion or experience, even just the generalized beliefs that people have about others.

A loathing of that which is physically darker, or different, or unusual is learned from and enforced by our education, media and culture—a reflection of the distortion patterns that run through us.

This GFC is about releasing the oppression distortion patterns you hold, some of which you may not even be aware of—many of which simply have existed in your lineage. These are the hardest to detect, because even if it doesn’t seem like you express these distortion patterns, they can still be in your fields, and as such can continue to be passed on down the line.

For the system to change, we must release oppression, dominance, and abuse out of ourselves—both as the perpetrator and the victim. As more and more of us do so, the ripple effect in the collective consciousness causes the baseline of the whole to rise, so systems can truly change instead of simply paying lip service to change, which is mostly what we’ve been seeing, for generation after generation.

Let’s make a difference, folks, starting with ourselves and then letting the effects expand outward!