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Hawaii Retreat

Thursday, February 4, 2021 - Tuesday, February 9, 2021

4:30pm HT
5 nights/ 6 days

Caution: Long Description Warning!

Yes this is long but hopefully it’s awesome long. We wanted to give you a full idea of the epicness of this retreat in addition to clarity.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for the timing of the Hawaii retreat in the first part of 2021, even wondering if we’re going to have it. And literally about a week before posting this on the site it came in as a “go” in meditation so we’ve been busy pulling together everything for you. Hooray!!

Last year, the retreat sold out twice in 36 hours. Once when we only had the Whale Spirit Sanctuary lodging and a second time when we added the additional overflow rooms.

Obviously there’s a lot of different stuff going on this year, but because I received in meditation that it’s time to put the wheels in motion, my feeling is that there will still be enough people who want to travel to a beautiful tropical place and spend some time growing and playing with us.

The dates are Feb 4-9, 2021

We’re planning on spending time with the whales and possibly the dolphins as well.

We are going to go out on a private whale watching outing to (hopefully!) spend time with some very special creatures.

Additionally, we have confirmed a dolphin swim with the same fellow from last year who is so familiar with these pods that he knows which dolphins belong to which pods. It’s pretty amazing. This year we’re planning on doing one dolphin outing, assuming that it’s still allowed at the time of the retreat. I say this because recently they’ve been fining some of the dolphin boats and we’re a bit unclear on what is and isn’t allowed (some of the boat captains are much less caring about the animals so there’s concern that the boats might traumatize the dolphins).

Our captains are the type who keep the dolphins’ well being in mind when approaching, but any rules that might be put into place aren’t going to distinguish between the nice captains and the mean ones, so we’ll have to follow whatever the rules and requirements are at the time.

We’re telling you all this so you’ll know that with the dolphins, we’re not really sure what’s happening. So please don’t base your decision to attend based on the dolphin swim alone. If they prohibit it, we will substitute in something else. Just wanted to be completely transparent as always!

Anyway, not only is it amazing to be close to these guys, they all move inter-dimensionally. From what I see, the dolphins from the fourth and the whales from the fifth and sixth.

We will receive one entrainment from our awesome NSA chiropractor from San Francisco, the seriously fantastic Dr. Aidan Kinsella, to help us integrate the frequency work very quickly through the body, so as a group we can move much further than without it.

If you don’t know about NSA, please watch the episode “Smoothing Out The Rough Edges” of my video and podcast series.

We will be heading out on one or possibly two hikes that are our personal favorites on the island.

SIX days with frequency work, both hands on and in a group setting.

I did not “think” of this combination of activities. They just dropped in. Tapping into it after I received the sequence, I realized this set of activities together creates a spiral effect, building on each other for even greater momentum. And the experience for all the retreat participants last year confirmed it!

We are having it again at the Whale Spirit Sanctuary. The same rustic, nourishing, magical place as last year.

It’s in a remote location on a hillside overlooking the ocean, and the meditation room has unbroken, sweeping views of Kealakekua Bay.

Click here for a 25 second video of the retreat space that we took last year.

Because of the remoteness of the retreat center, and because we’ll be moving from one activity to the other without breaks for folks to head out to find food elsewhere, we found that the whole experience was so much better when we all ate together at the retreat center looking out at the ocean.

It enhanced everyone’s experience so much that although it’s more of a logistical challenge for our team, we’ve included lodging and food in the cost of the retreat.

The chef we’ve hired is incredible. Seriously, last year in every single survey everyone mentioned how good her food was—not only in taste but how good it felt to eat it.

As for cost, for context, another NSA chiropractor we have worked with is charging $4200 for a (completely unrelated) 3 day weekend in Hawaii with 5 entrainments; my podcast co-host Dennis Kelly forwarded me a meditation thing in Hawaii where the guy was charging $3000 for 4 days of meditation, without frequency work nor or any of the other activities and there is a couples yoga and meditation retreat for $6200 for 9 days, without frequency work.


I think this is going to be a super awesome event, and I have really done my utmost to keep the cost down on this.

So here it is:

If you register BEFORE December 1, 2020, the price is $3295* if you pay in full at time of registration. (This option is called Early Bird Paid in Full)

If you register BEFORE December 1, 2020 and want to put down a 30% non-refundable deposit, with the remainder payable by December 11 (the same day that any additional payment for lodging will be due) the price is $3495* (Early Bird 30% Deposit)

If you register AFTER December 1, 2020, the cost is $3695* paid in full at time of registration.

*You will have to pay 4.5% tax on this as required by the state of Hawaii. Yes, it sucks, but that’s the government doing its thing.

To summarize, this price includes:

  • 6 days with frequency work (hands on and GFCs)
  • 1 private whale watching experience
  • 1 dolphin swim *assuming that we can do this* (substitute activity TBD if we cannot)
  • 1 NSA entrainment
  • Unbelievably yummy meals (Dinner Feb 4, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Feb 5-8, Breakfast Feb 9)
  • Basic lodging, included in the cost, is 1 room double occupancy, a shared bathroom (one for 2 bedrooms), and a garden view. Same as last year.

There are 8 spots with this shared lodging option available. These are first come, first served. To be clear, you will have to share a room with this option.

We will be providing a shuttle like we did last year between the Dolphin Bay and the Whale Spirit during the event.

One thing to note is that because the event space is expensive and the group is small, there are NO refunds for this event. If you’re concerned about unforeseen circumstances preventing you from attending, you may want to consider purchasing trip insurance.

Also there are currently special COVID-19 requirements for entry into Hawaii. Of course we can’t be certain what the requirements may be in February, but currently the way it works is that in order to avoid mandatory quarantining for 14 days upon arrival to Hawaii, you will need to have a negative COVID-19 test from an approved provider 72 hours or less prior to departure to show that you’re not infected. Upon arrival you will be given a quick swab test. It takes approximately 15 minutes to receive the results of the quick swab. If you clear this one too, you do not have to quarantine.

For more on the rules, please check these two links. First is a travel website’s plain language overview of the process: https://www.hawaii-guide.com/hawaii-covid-testing

And here is the official Hawaii government page about the rules, including a link to sign up for the “Safe Travels program” where you’d create an account and upload your test results. https://hidot.hawaii.gov/coronavirus

If you are not comfortable with the risk of possibly having to quarantine and missing the event (if you test positive, are unable to provide a negative test, or whatever the rules and requirements are at the time of the retreat), please do NOT register. We will not be issuing refunds because the costs of this are very high for us and we’re going to have to pay all the costs ourselves regardless. Hopefully this makes sense!

***** AGAIN, AFTER YOU REGISTER PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] so our team can coordinate your lodging choice. First come, first served. All upgraded lodging options must be paid in full by Friday December 11.****

Whew! That was a lot of information, but now you have all the info for this epic spirit adventure.

Register here for Early Bird pricing – paid in full ($3295 + 4.5% tax)

Register here for Early Bird pricing – 30% non-refundable deposit ($3495 +4.5% tax)

This event is sold out. If you would like to be placed on our wait list should there be a cancellation please email [email protected]

We are super excited about this retreat and we hope to share the magic of the island and this amazing experience with you!

Mahalo nui loa.

Karen, Chris & the Spherical Luminosity team