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Breaking Free From Infatuation and Unrequited Love GFC

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

7:30pm PT/ 8:30pm MT/ 9:30pm CT/ 10:30pm ET
30 minutes

Have you ever met someone for whom you felt a strong attraction and even though that attraction wasn’t shared you couldn’t get them out of your head? Or a situation where you may not even know someone personally, yet you can’t stop thinking about them?

Often when these situations happen, we can feel shame, deep unworthiness, anger and resentment towards both them and ourselves and over time, these can distort further into bitterness.

In extreme cases, it impacts not only how we feel about ourselves but also our ability to either be with the partner we have or attract the partner we want.

Join Karen as she works with your Higher Self to begin to:

  • Remove old heart cord attachments (an intertwining at the heart level that remains intact, sometimes over lifetimes, even if you are now physically separate)
  • Release obsessive mental spinning about that person
  • Delete mental “fantasy” about that person and your relationship with them
  • Amplify clarity with which you can perceive that person, and yourself
  • Let go of any past life patterns of control over you by someone, which now shows up as infatuation
  • Clear your internal space of others so you can feel free to be you and with others without distorted attachment

$25 + 4% HI state tax (LIVE CALL + REPLAY RECORDING)