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Intimacy AND Freedom in Intimate Partnership – Relationship From A Higher Level Order Part 2

Sunday, April 26, 2020

1:15pm PT/ 2:15pm MT/ 3:15pm CT/ 4:15pm ET
60 minutes

What if you want to be in intimate relationship, are clear on the importance of your spirit acceleration, but you’re just not meeting someone who’s your match on spirit level?  Do you go with someone who you hope might change? Do you wait until you’ve cleared more distortions so you can hopefully find that one ultimate relationship and not have anything until then?

What if you’re only hearing the sound of crickets out there even if you’ve been searching from someone to connect with on a deep level?

Unfortunately, much (or even most) of what I see in intimate relationship is less about love and more about control over the other.

Masquerading as intimacy, it’s often actually more about control and sometimes even oppression of the other. There are many different reasons for this, but most commonly it’s because of fear of loss of the other. We don’t feel complete internally on spirit level and believe the other completes us, so if we lose that person it’s like we lose an integral part of ourselves. So we do what we think we need to do to make sure that person stays with us. Often it works in both directions and neither person is aware of it.

And then there’s all the lineage patterns that are reinforcing all of this!

So how do we continue to ascend spiritually, reinforcing our own sense of inner completeness to the point that we don’t feel we actually need the/an other—which on the contrary allows us to experience a continuous choice to be with that other (and them with us)? Is it possible to attract a different kind of partner?

People ask me all the time, how do I hold my space AND love someone deeply AND (my additional twist) not control them? Is it possible to attract and have this kind of relationship?

Dang. That is a LOT of “ands.”

How can I be complete, whole, strong on spirit level such that my closest relationship is of the highest order? Can freedom be something that is not feared but encouraged and honored so that a deeper form of intimacy results?

Is possible to have both intimacy AND freedom in an intimate relationship of a higher order—two things that most conventional “wisdom” would say are practically mutually exclusive.

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