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Kilkenny, Ireland Live: Transcendent Feminine

Saturday, October 19, 2019

13:00 local time
4 hours

For a long time the feminine has been bound by what religion, lineage, and culture dictate is appropriate, allowed, desirable, acceptable or “good”.

Generally, the feminine was perceived as weak. Even in recent times when there has been more focus on supposed equality, currently, being “equal” means becoming more masculine because that is still the prevailing norm.  As a result, women who come into positions of power are running predominantly masculine frequencies because that is what is required for them to be generally accepted as powerful.

Often the feminine has had to resort to control people and things in the surrounding environment in order to have a sense of safety within the inherent precariousness of its position relative to the masculine. Trying to achieve that level of control is exhausting, and ultimately does not make us feel more secure.

The Transcendent Feminine is a newly emerging paradigm, in which the feminine transcends the old stereotypes of what the feminine is or should be and overturns the notion that it is inherently weaker than the masculine.

It is not that the feminine is weaker than the masculine, it is that strength in the fully embodied, authentic feminine does not share all the same characteristics of the currently prevailing notions of strength as expressed through the masculine.

By being in alignment with Pure Source, the essence of the feminine can be of a higher order and embody a higher level of consciousness.

Within this new paradigm:

  • There no longer needs to be competition with or bullying of other women out of fear or jockeying for the attention of the masculine.
  • Collaboration is from a higher order.
  • Our self worth is no longer defined by what we look like, what we produce, what “good girls” are supposed to do, the guilt we endure and what burdens we shoulder, but rather from an internal sense of completeness.
  • Our ability to receive more abundance and access more of the mystery expands.
  • Our ability to accelerate and be accelerated by the transcendent masculine becomes vastly stronger and rises beyond the current paradigm of power dynamics.
  • Surrendering from strength – meaning surrender with an unshakable confidence, knowing that you are strong enough to transcend whatever comes your way – allows for more adaptability, play, fulfillment,  and ease with what is.
  • Fear is much less relevant and does not play as big a role in our lives anymore.

Join Karen for this powerful event where she works with you to begin to clear the various distortion patterns that keep you stuck in the old paradigm, so you can move towards embodying and experiencing the Transcendent Feminine.

75 Euro (includes live event + replay recording) **

** Please note that our registration system can only process payment in USD. So the price of the event will be $83.13 USD, which is the conversion rate of 75 Euro at the time of the publication of this description.

Location: Lavistown House

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