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Living Your Brilliance intensive

Saturday, October 23, 2021

12pm PT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET
3-3.5 hours

Boy, the crunchiness, polarization and oppression in the world around us is getting so intense these days. 

So many people are feeling anxious, tired, out of center, unusual levels of scarcity, and some are even wondering if being here is worth it. 

Many are wondering “can I weather this storm?” 

Others are thinking “what’s going on? I’ve reached this level of neutrality even while surrounded by so much instability, which is great, but I feel kind of flat. Is there something more?”

With this high level of turmoil around us—which is likely to get worse before it gets better—it’s so easy to get pulled into the small “s”elf, the self that identifies with the ego/mind.

It can be a real challenge during this time of growing intensity and breakdown to remember who we truly are—to remember the expansiveness, abundance and brilliance of our true nature as infinite, indestructible consciousness—given what’s going on in the world all around us.

But when we’re aware of that brilliance and live from it, it can foster an experience of and appreciation for the sheer awesomeness of life, despite the swirling storm around us.

The more we live from our brilliance, the higher our frequency resonance becomes, which in the “real” world translates to more opportunity, abundance, synchronicity and magic. These are the things that inform our emotional state and our experience, rather than the circumstances of the low-resonating reality that is so easy and common to experience at a time like this.

It is EXACTLY at this time, as we are on the threshold of bringing the new consciousness into our reality, that we have the option to experience something very different not only from what is being held by the collective AND also where some of us have plateaued in terms of our engagement with life.

This time is critical.

What you choose to focus on, to cultivate, to embody really matters. It’s what’s going to shape how much growth, abundance, grace and ascension you experience moving forward.

What most people aren’t aware of is that you, because you are an aspect of the divine, Pure Source, the Oneness (whatever you want to call the very highly vibrating consciousness from which everything derives), YOU are brilliant.

For so long we have chased our brilliance. It has eluded us. We have held ourselves separate from it.

But it’s not outside of you. It’s not something you have to find. It’s not something you have to achieve.


Yes, you may have a lot of distortion patterns that make it hard to experience that brilliance (that’s called being human!), but that brilliance is still there. It’s still you. And it’s accessible to us all.

It can be the underpinning of wonder, awe and fascination with life—even in the midst of outer turmoil.

So why don’t we feel our brilliance more? How can we access it? How do we experience it, especially at a time when it seems like there is so much chaos, polarization, vitriol and oppression? And what happens when we start to truly embody our brilliance?

For most people, there are a lot of distortion patterns that block our ability to feel and embody that brilliance.

For some of us, it can be hard to be aware of our own brilliance, because we’re not yet internally strong enough to hold our space when there’s so much polarization and oppression going on around us.

Others would have sufficient internal strength, but just need more tools or strategies to return to the higher frequency resonance we need to be in to be aware of our brilliance.

And for yet others, it’s about familiarizing yourself with what your brilliance even is in the first place, so you can start to be aware of it enough to cultivate it.

It is time for us to be aware of what we truly are, to experience our brilliance and to embody it more and more.

THIS is how each of us can transform our lives, individually, and how ultimately pioneers like us usher the new consciousness in for humanity.

For a while now, I’ve been seeing, in my meditations, how critical it is for us at Spherical Luminosity to focus on helping our community members to experience their brilliance, as an essential ingredient in living the new consciousness paradigm regardless of what is happening in the denser portions of humanity.

We are at a moment in time where our focus on our brilliance is particularly impactful on how quickly or not we’re able to ascend—whether we’re able to use the turmoil around us as a springboard to the new consciousness, to access and celebrate that hyper-awareness of life through the experience of our brilliance.

So in response to that knowing, I’m giving a special workshop intensive, where we’re going to focus on clearing the distortion patterns that keep us from experiencing the magnificence of our brilliance, so we can first become aware of it and then begin learning how to cultivate it.

Saturday, October 23, 12pm PT

The workshop intensive will be between 3 to 3.5 hours depending on how long the GFCs go.

This is some of the most important work I’ve given to date.

It is $195 to participate in this powerful Living Your Brilliance intensive, which will be given on Zoom and will include replay access.

The more you experience and embody your brilliance, the more you allow for that possibility to exist for others to do the same.

Burning clearly and steadily, the flame of a single candle can ignite myriad candles without diminishing itself.

This is how we help consciousness to rise.

It is time for us to move beyond seeking it outside of us and sometimes catching glimpses of our brilliance. It is time for us to start LIVING it.

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