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Mastery & Momentum – Refining The Essentials: Part 2

Saturday, May 21, 2022

12pm PT / 2pm CT / 3pm ET
2-2.5 hrs

With the new consciousness frequencies that are now available to us, we have more opportunity than ever to make massive upwards shifts in our frequency resonance — IF we’re doing our part to facilitate that process.

In order to live our best and highest version, we must sharpen, refine and cultivate the tools that have gotten us to this level so we’re best positioned for the next phase of the journey ahead. To live the clarity and abundance of who we are and who we’re becoming.

In this transformational 3-part series you’ll receive:

  • Three 2 to 2.5 hour workshops that build on each other, deliberately spaced for refinement and integration     
  • Deep dive into Six Core Essentials taught from beginner level through to the nuances of a very high resonance so that you’re most empowered in your personal practice to clarify and accelerate yourself
  • Potent new Group Frequency Calibrations® (GFCs) that accompany and build on already existing GFCs, specifically to deepen, refine and uplevel your skill and effectiveness in these areas
  • Video & audio replays of the workshops for subsequent practice and/or if you are unable to attend live
  • A powerful mastermind of people who are dedicated to empowering themselves to experience and live their highest resonating version, their greatest potential — not only for themselves but for humanity

Part 1 has been completed. The remaining workshops will be given on May 21 & July 23 at 12pm PT. (please note that this is in Pacific Time). Please see below for registration options if you would like to participate in Parts 1 & 2 with the replay recordings and join us live for Part 3, and email [email protected] for the registration links.

It is $695 + HI Tax for the series of 3 workshops.


If you’re newer to me and to frequency work and want all three workshops PLUS the GFCs and Deep Dives given in the past that further support the work we’ll be doing in the workshop (a value of $286 offered here for $100) it is $795 + HI Tax.

Something special for Coherence Mastery and Limitless Potential Mastermind Alumni:

To support and celebrate those of you who have been consistently committed to doing higher level work, if you’ve participated in either Coherence Mastery or Limitless Potential Mastermind, there will be a special discount for you and you can join us for all three workshops for only $595 + HI Tax, which is a $100 discount.

Lastly, for those who have completed the entire year of Coherence Mastery or Limitless Potential Mastermind, there is an optional add-on for the March 19 session. This 45 minute to 1-hour session will be focused on “How to Clear Your Pain Body” for $100, where I will teach you how to do this yourself. 

As PARTS 1 & 2 of this series have now been completed, if you would like to register for one of the options above to access the replays for Parts 1 & 2, and attend Part 3 live, please email [email protected].

In a time when there is so much tension, polarity and fear, refining these Six Core Essentials gives us massive leverage to further break free from the density of the old order, to cultivate the tools required for this next stage of our growth.

It’s time to step fully into the wisdom of the higher resonating version of ourselves that has been cultivated through all this work we’ve done clearing distortions.

We must refine within, to open the way to a greater experience of liberation, awakening and abundance.

Let’s rise together!