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Relationship with the ONE – Online Streaming

Friday, July 23, 2021 - Sunday, July 25, 2021

When I was growing up, one of the first movies I ever watched was “Snow White”.

I must’ve been about five years old. It’s when I first heard of “happily ever after”.

And that was the beginning of the idea of finding “The One” with whom I’d live, happily ever after, with a tiara, a swoopy skirt and singing birds as my constant soundtrack — naturally.

Many of us yearn to be in partnership. We look to someone outside of us to provide that happiness that we seek.

And then religion, culture and lineage heavily reinforces the idea that we should be partnered.

What are we really seeking? It seems like it’s happiness, security, comfort, intimacy, passion — but is it actually something more?

Many of us have been in relationships where we do have those things, but we’re still seeking something else. So what is it?

For me, all relationship — both intimate and other, boils down to Relationship With The One.

Until you have this clarified, relationships with anyone will reflect the distortions found at this very fundamental level.

You can do all kinds of work on relationships with others — which of course is important and helpful — AND all relationship, with self and other, is a reflection of what I’m calling Relationship With The One.

What do I mean?

The most important relationship that we can ever have is with The One.

By “The One” I’m of course referring to the One Infinite Creator, Pure Source, the Oneness, or whatever you would call the extraordinarily highly vibrating consciousness from which everything, including us, derives.

We are all aspects of The One.

Yet as humans, we have all of this distortion about who we are, what we deserve, what our relationship with The One is, if we’re worthy of The One and the brilliance that we are, what we deny ourselves, what we allow, what it all means about us and for us.

ALL other relationships will reflect that distortion, whether the embodied “one” is self or another or both.

The ultimate expression of this connection with The One is between your “S”elf that is aware of itself as individuated, infinite, indestructible consciousness — your timeless, limitless, eternal Self intimately intertwined with and part of The One – and your “s”elf or the self that is time bound and associated with your ego/mind.

When we clarify that intersection of “S”elf and “s”elf within, we can find a reflection of this in physical embodiment.

In our culture we might call such a person our “soulmate,” but they are really a physical expression of the resonance between your “S”elf and “s”elf.

In this very special and powerful weekend we are going to explore, clarify and empower our relationship with The One, in the intersection of the “S”elf and “s”elf so we can better manifest the relationships that we want.

We’re going to explore the vulnerable parts of ourselves and release the distortion patterns that keep us trapped in a cycle of self denial, defensiveness, inadequacy, frustration, disempowerment and sometimes deep grief when we come face to face with yearning, desire and longing.

And we’re going to do it in a very special place, very close to nature, so we can harness the powerful, complete, abundance frequencies of the earth to give us even more momentum.

The indoor GFC portions given on Friday later afternoon (4pm-6pm MT), Saturday morning (9:30am – 12pm MT) and Sunday morning (9am – 11:30am MT) will be streamed.

To register for the Relationship With The One ($495)– LIVE & IN PERSON please click here.

To register for the Relationship With The One ($295) – STREAMING please click here.