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SOLD OUT – Sensuality, Sexuality and Power in the Transcendent Feminine

Wednesday, September 1, 2021 - Monday, September 6, 2021

SOLD OUT! If you’d like to be added to the waitlist please email [email protected]

When I was growing up, I was taught that expressing masculine traits was the way for me to gain success and to assure myself of being safe (at least financially, which seemed to be the most important criteria)

My mom taught me “You should never rely on a man. You need to be independent.”

I learned to have disdain for the feminine and to view the masculine as the way to achieve what I thought I wanted.

And I was really, really good at being in my masculine.

Somewhere along the way of my spirit journey, in about 2010, in the middle of a personal development seminar, I realized something was really wrong.

I didn’t know what it was to be in my feminine. At. All.

And although I would never have admitted it, I was ashamed I didn’t know this aspect of me as well as I knew the masculine.

I was exhausted from the forward drive and being the one always making sure that everything was handled. My relationship with Chris was in room-mate territory. I was very controlling because I was afraid to be anything less. And there was a part of me, that I was deeply uncomfortable with (and I was ashamed that I was uncomfortable with. WTH!) that was calling for attention that I couldn’t really ignore any more. A deep sadness from that lack of knowingness that I couldn’t shake.


That began my journey into exploring the feminine through many roads—some ordinary and some very non-ordinary.

There’s a lot out there on the feminine. And so much of it totally filled with distortion, irrespective of the source or the lineage. The distortion patterns run deep and wide, and it’s been all messed up for so long.

I’ve never been called to lead a retreat for women only, until now.

To my surprise, right after the Hawaii retreat, I received this little “package” of information—how it would look and what it would be like. I’m really excited about how powerful it already feels.

You may know that I’ve come to the point where I rarely “think” about what retreats, GFCs, weekend events or master classes I will give.

What usually happens is entire packets of information of what needs to be addressed drop into my awareness, usually when I’m meditating.

When they have a very specific level of resonance and clarity, which doesn’t happen all of the time, I have learned to follow and facilitate what is coming through, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense.

This retreat is for women who want to clear, discover, claim and empower their feminine essence from a much higher order and express it in their own unique way.

Sensuality, Sexuality and Power In The Transcendent Feminine will be held in the magic that is Sedona, from September 1-6.

The number of participants is limited to 30 because that is what I received to create the most momentum for this group.

Like the Hawaii retreat, this has a very specific sequence of what is being given, to facilitate the greatest transformation and rise in frequency resonance.

In addition to frequency work, to clear the massive amount of distortion around this topic we’ll be doing a very specific form of feminine movement derived from S Factor, which I practiced for about 2 years back when I lived in San Francisco. I’m super psyched because I actually got my absolute favorite instructor from the studio I used to attend in SF to agree to come out to Sedona just to work with us.

It’s specifically about reclaiming the sensuality and sexuality of the way we move in the feminine. And this has nothing to do with your body shape or what our media tells us is “sexy” or “attractive” — it’s about connecting to and expressing the deepest, most authentic femininity, regardless of where you’re starting from.

There’s so much distortion around the feminine, and around this kind of movement, and it’s very clear to me that especially woven in among powerful frequency work, we’re going to be (re)claiming this aspect of ourselves, as expressed through this form of movement, for ourselves.

It can actually feel a little scary at first, potentially, but when we embrace it, it can be so tremendously empowering.

Normally, so much of what passes for feminine movement in the old consciousness is for the pleasure of the masculine.

But THIS dance is for OUR pleasure, our unique expression, our empowerment and as I received in meditation, when intentionally paired with frequency work — this is going to simply melt away distortion patterns even further. Wow.

Even before my own abilities came in, I have danced and felt the dropping away of distortion patterns, sometimes crying while they left, for reasons I didn’t need to know.

In addition to the dance aspect of the retreat, we will receive one entrainment from our awesome NSA chiropractor from San Francisco, the seriously fantastic Dr. Aidan Kinsella, to help us integrate the frequency work very quickly through the body, so as a group we can move much further than without it.

If you don’t know about NSA, please watch the episode “How to Smooth Out The Rough Edges” (episode 21) of my video and podcast series.

We will be heading out offroad onto the red rock and swimming in a huge natural pool of water nestled right in the rock to help us release even more. Water—the most mysterious, transmutative, and feminine of the elements.

SIX days of frequency work.

Our awesome acupuncturist from Hawaii, Jenni Lund, truly one of the most exceptional acupuncturists Chris and I have been lucky enough to work with (I’ve received a lot of acupuncture and will only allow a tiny number of practitioners work on me, so this really means something!), will also be participating in the retreat, and she’ll make herself available to provide acupuncture (at an additional cost, directly paid to her) for those who want a bit of a boost to help catch the physical up with the work that’ll be happening on spirit level, and help smooth out any detox you might experience.

And on top of that, there are massage therapists the retreat center recommends who will come onsite if there are at least 4 people who request sessions (which seems likely given that it’s a retreat!)

So if you want to spa it up, you can totally do that as well!

Just to be clear, I’m not receiving a kick back nor coordinating the massage or acupuncture, I’m simply doing what I can to make them available to you should you want them. The cost of these things is not factored into the cost of the retreat, so you’re not paying for them if you don’t want them.

This transformational retreat is being held at the Mago Center For Well-Being & Retreat, a private property set on 173 stunning red rock acres with its own pool, a labyrinth, meditation steps and apparently even 3 vortices on property (at least one of which we will be meditating on to accelerate the work even further).


This retreat is intended to create the most momentum for the participants so we’ll all be staying onsite, eating together looking out over the red rock. Mago offers vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian farm to table cuisine. 

Lodging and food are included in the cost of the retreat. There’s an additional cost if you want to opt for a private casita rather than a shared room, but the default is a shared room to keep costs down as much as possible.

And as for cost, for context, a single S Factor retreat of 5 days is $12,000, without frequency work. A Mama Gena (a famous author and advocate of the power of the feminine) 6 day seminar for 270 people without frequency work and not including food and lodging is $7,000, another NSA chiropractor we have worked with is charging $4200 for a (completely unrelated) 3 day weekend in Hawaii with 5 entrainments.


So here it is:

The price is $3495 if you pay in full at time of registration.

I have no idea what the demand will be like for this but the Hawaii retreat sold out in less than 24 hours.

To summarize, this price includes:

  • 6 days with frequency work (GFCs and some hands on)
  • 2 feminine movement sessions
  • 1 NSA entrainment
  • 1 red rock trail jeep tour
  • Farm to table meals (Dinner September 1, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner September 2-5, Breakfast September 6)
  • Shared lodging in a private casita with 1 other person. If you want to have your own private casita without having to share it is an additional $495

** Massage will be available on site if there is enough demand at an additional cost, as will acupuncture so long as our excellent acupuncturist, who is intending to participate, does end up joining us.

Because we will be together within an enclosed space for much of the retreat, participants will need to show proof of having a negative COVID test no more than 72 hours prior to the retreat is required.

We’re doing this because we all have different levels of concern about COVID, we’ll be coming from different locations with different requirements for COVID, and by all of us testing negative, we can relax and feel safe together.

All of the participants from the Hawaii retreat were able to meet this requirement, as well as the special Hawaii requirement of testing upon arrival at the airport in Kona, so this shouldn’t be overly burdensome.

But with that said, if you are not comfortable with this requirement, please do NOT register.

Whew! That was a lot of information, but now you have the whole scoop on this epic spirit adventure.

Shared room – paid in full ($3495)

Private room – paid in full ($3990)

If this resonates with you, I hope you can join me for this epic, life changing experience from the old order into the new!