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Spirit Self Defense & Protection GFC

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

7pm PT/ 8pm MT/ 9pm CT/ 10pm ET
30 minutes

Have you sensed unseen things around you that you can’t exactly pinpoint but that make you feel uncomfortable, worried, unnerved or afraid? Do you ever find yourself feeling exhausted, depleted or worse after you’ve spent time around certain people? Do you find yourself saying things like “It’s all good” or “I just go with the flow” to make yourself feel better even when things seem to be off?

Sometimes it is required and/or to our benefit to defend or protect ourselves in order to stay centered and safe in our own bodies to prevent something dark or abusive coming into our field whether it’s something unseen or an embodied being trying to hook into us.

Join Karen as she works with your Higher Self to help you to strengthen your ability to defend and protect yourself when necessary.

$25 + 4% HI state tax (LIVE CALL + REPLAY RECORDING)


Many people are being financially impacted quite severely as a result of the corona virus public measures (settle in place orders, travel bans, loss of customers, etc).

To make frequency work more accessible during this time when things are tighter financially and frequency work is needed more than ever, and to encourage people to live in alignment with the new paradigm consciousness we’re all working on ushering in, the April and May Spherical Luminosity live events (i.e. GFCs, Deep Dives) and products (i.e. recordings) will be 25% off for those who are having financial concerns.

For people who have not been as impacted financially, there is still the option to pay the regular price. We too are a small business, also experiencing a noticeable financial impact, while still needing to pay our team so we can continue to support you and keep putting this work out into the world.

And on top of that, as you may know, Karen has been offering a number of completely free GFCs to help people move through and distance themselves from the fear that’s gripping the world. She is glad to be able to help, but these efforts are an additional drain on revenues.

So if you feel you can pay the full price, Karen, Chris and the Spherical Luminosity team would be grateful to you if you chose to do so. But that said, if you need the discounted option it is available to you.

We’re simply doing this based on the honor system—completely up to you. Either way, we appreciate your support during this time, and hope that you find the work we’re doing helps you and your family.