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The Transcendent Feminine In Relationship Part 1

Sunday, March 15, 2020

1:15pm PT/ 2:15pm MT/ 3:15pm CT/ 4:15pm ET
60 minutes

Have you asked yourself how can I attract someone better? Or how can the relationship I’m in now be better or even the best possible?

Do I have to wait to clear all everything for the ONE ultimate person to come into my life or is there valuable learning to be had along the way with others?

How do I be the best, most authentic expression, the highest resonating version of myself, and have my intimate partnership reflect that, so we can accelerate spiritually and be awesome together?

There aren’t very many models of the Transcendent Feminine and the Transcendent Masculine—and even fewer of them in intimate partnership!

Mastery of self when you’re on your own is one thing. But cultivating self mastery while in relationship can be challenging—whether you have difficulty holding your space when you’re attracted to someone you meet, whether you’re in a relationship and your partner isn’t on the same path, or even worse actively discourages you from making those sorts of efforts.

How do we focus on self mastery while being in an intimate relationship?

In these master classes on the Transcendent Feminine & Transcendent Masculine In Relationship, I’ll be introducing frameworks to help rapidly shift your perspective to help highlight how you have been and how you are so you can see yourself more clearly and make changes if it seems right to do so.

I’ll be sharing some simple but surprisingly powerful strategies that were major game changers for Chris and me, things that have changed how we relate to each other so profoundly that our relationship is still getting deeper and richer after 25 years together.

AND even more importantly, I’ll be giving frequency work to remove the huge host of distortion patterns around the feminine, the masculine, and what it means to be in relationship.

This will empower you to fundamentally shift how you are in relationship, and who you attract—whether you are in a relationship or looking for one.

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