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Winter Solstice 2022: Transcending The Illusion Of Duality

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

6:45PM PT / 8:45PM CT / 9:45PM ET
60 mins

The illusion of duality is deeply embedded in our psyche.

And boy it can feel heavy as the experience of duality intensifies in the world around us and polarization comes to a head.

It can start to feel hopeless.

Like there’s nothing we can do to shift things.

So how do we transcend the instability and darkness of this time? How do we escape the pressure cooker?

The key is to start to be aware of the illusion of duality and live life in greater singularity.

A deeper experience of unity, or Oneness.

In the experience of unity consciousness there is no duality.

Singularity is when abundance, a profound sense of connection and the infinite that is our birthright enters our awareness and eventually becomes our experience.

To get there requires that we release the distortions that keep us mired in the illusion of duality and we immerse ourselves in the frequency resonance of unity consciousness.

On this special winter solstice, join Karen as she harnesses the power of the in-between to draw us into the epicenter of the One.

Between dark and light. Between the All That Is and the individuated self. But actually, not even “between”. Encompassing ALL of that, without separateness.

So that you can start to become aware of the true nature of singularity and transcend the illusion of duality.

This is a special 1 hour online event given over Zoom.

Audio only replays will be available after the live event.

$59 + 4.712% HI STATE TAX (60 Min ZOOM live event, audio-only replay recording)