Limitless Potential Mastermind®

September 10, 2023

1.5 hrs

Limitless Potential Mastermind®

REGISTRATION CLOSED! Experience the ground-breaking frequency work of the Limitless Potential Mastermind® (LPM)!

LPM is about discovering what is possible as an infinite being in a human body.

To transcend what we have been taught, what we expect and what we believe – things that keep us bound in separateness, disconnection and lack.

To truly become aware of the limitless nature . . . of you!

Frequency work and LPM have been a catalyst to my progress towards finding my voice and purpose in this life with incredible abundance.

– Chelsea F., Costa Rica

What you’ll receive from this transformative experience:

  • Join a small, intimate group of no more than nine members so you can get the personal attention needed to make progress
  • Two 90-minute virtual meetings a month for six months, during which you get to take part in increasingly powerful, precise, and intense frequency work
  • Access to Karen to ask any questions you have on any subject
  • Membership in the LPM Community—a small but supportive group of like-minded people who are dedicated to growth and accountability
  • BONUS #1 Join our Synergetic Ascension workshop in November, where you can discover how to help others rise in vibration, worth $295, available to you at no cost.
  • BONUS #2 Replays of the LPM Exclusive work we do in Peru as we Seed the Light Codes of the new consciousness. This is only available to LPM members.
  • BONUS #3 If you are joining us on our magical Peru adventure, you will also receive an invitation to an exclusive LPM dinner.
  • To participate in the Limitless Potential Mastermind for 6 months is $5000


This mastermind is now closed. If you are interested in participating in the next iteration of the Limitless Potential Mastermind should we offer it again, please email