Spherical Luminosity is hiring!

What We Do

Every day we change people’s lives. Karen works at people’s blueprint level, what makes us “us,” to help them fundamentally change how they experience and perceive reality. This work ultimately helps us experience spherical luminosity—or spherical abundance—in every area of our lives.

We help people realize and experience the shift between the ego/mind “self” to the Spirit identified “Self.” Our mission is to play a positive and significant role in the rise of human consciousness. We do this through our online courses, live transformational events, frequency work products, and social media initiatives.

Who We Are

We are role models and hard-working professionals who believe that spiritual growth is the most important thing we can do. We practice what we preach and:

  • Deeply commit to our own personal & spiritual growth
  • Aspire to be the best in the world at what we do
  • Challenge ourselves daily
  • Take care of each other
  • Love our diverse clients worldwide, and
  • Learn constantly while we’re playing at life!

Those are our everyday values and it’s just who we are.

We’re a small team from around the world, who love working in a fun, positive, inclusive, high-performing culture. One of the common characteristics we all share is that we all highly value personal accountability, a high level of competence and excellence of work, and believe that frequency work is one of the primary catalysts for raising human consciousness.

We are learners, students of life. We all know that there is always room for self improvement, and are constantly looking for opportunities to increase self mastery. We’re the kind of people who do things the best we can, even when no one else is looking, just because it’s the way we want to be in the world.

We’re a small team now, and we firmly believe that this is the beginning of a massive movement that will catalyze tremendous positive change in the world.

We are looking for someone who wants to be part of that, from the ground level.

Why Work For Us

For one reason: You feel that it’s part of your calling and purpose to be part of a TEAM dedicated to helping people change their lives through a combination of frequency work, education and practical strategies, all of which has a massive ripple effect in raising consciousness. You want to make a difference and inspire change, at an extraordinary scale. You want to join a TEAM of hard-working, heart-centered people who believe in the personal power and potential of others. You want to be inspired by the people you work with every day, and you want to know your work makes a difference. And, you actually LIKE change, in both your outer and inner worlds!

Through Spherical Luminosity, your daily contributions do matter, even if any individual contribution seems small on the surface—your work helps inspire and transform thousands of people at their core blueprint level so they can awaken, claim their sovereignty, and begin to embody their greatest potential.

At Spherical Luminosity, the change begins with ourselves, so not only will you collaborate with a team of people who operate at a very high frequency resonance, you will learn more about mastering the frequency bandwidth that is you, than you would anywhere else.

Where & How You Work

This is a remote/virtual position. We would hire you as an independent contractor for a few months to gauge your work, autonomy, character, and all-around excellence; and if we are all a good fit we would offer full-time employment. Either way, your next step is to apply so we can decide, together.

Why NOT to Apply

We’re not a fit for you if you do not absolutely LOVE frequency work and self-improvement. Karen likes to say, “If you’ve not done the work, you won’t work for us.” So if you’re *new* to frequency work, we’re not your team.

If you haven’t recently listened to the podcast, participated in some GFCs or Deep Dives, one or more of the master classes, and/or had an IFC then we’re just not a good match. Also, if you cannot be an enthusiastic ambassador for frequency work, such that you would feel awkward telling people that you are part of a team of people who are changing the world with frequency work, it’s best for you to pursue other opportunities.

You must also LOVE being part of a positive, supportive, collaborative and smart culture where everyone challenges themselves and prides themselves on being reliable, disciplined, creative, and fun. We’re going to push you to contribute your best because our work matters. You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in a startup-vibe. You have to be willing to do dozens of tasks, big and small, as there is no ego here and we all do what’s needed to innovate and serve.

This is a company dedicated to embodying the highest frequency resonance and learning to master for ourselves the frequency bandwidth that is us, so if that doesn’t resonate with you, you won’t qualify or enjoy this work.

Please Do *Not* Apply If:

  1. You don’t think frequency work is one of the most important tools to improve and change our world or you’re embarrassed to talk about frequency work with others
  2. You don’t excel at team communication.
  3. You can’t manage yourself, detox and get stuff done all at the same time.
  4. You want to be the “star of the show.” (We’re looking for integrators, not performers, entrepreneurs, or influencers).
  5. You don’t see the importance of how things look and feel, or read to the clients.
  6. You don’t LOVE crossing all the “t”s and dotting all the “i”s. We need someone who doesn’t get easily overwhelmed by lots of little details.
  7. You’re afraid of technology or don’t like learning new platforms

Open Position

Here’s an overview of the tasks and responsibilities:

  • Upload, organize and publish social media content onto the  later.com platform (advanced scheduling for Facebook and Instagram posts)
  • Create, coordinate and publish online events across multiple platforms (InstantTelseminar, Acuity, Zoom, Kajabi and Wordpress)
  • Manage and publish Mastering Your World Through Frequencies content onto Soundcloud, Youtube, Mailchimp, and the Spherical Luminosity website
  • Content edit Mastering Your World Through Frequencies for Instagram (not actual video editing, but viewing to identify brief segments and indicating time stamps for those excerpts)
  • Manage execution and completion of video content with two different contractors
  • Jump in on customer service every other weekend for approximately an hour on Saturday and Sunday, and possibly a couple of hours during the week
  • Help to plan and manage live events in the US
  • Schedule email marketing campaigns in Mailchimp (understand tagging etc)
  • Create of additional social media content through Headliner
  • Create products on Kajabi (which involves more content management and making sure all pieces are included within a product set)


  • Likes to track details & put them them neatly in order
  • Gets satisfaction from completing a bunch of tasks well, efficiently, and within a deadline
  • With any task or collaboration, can organize and assess what has been completed by whom and what is missing
  • can manage content across multiple platforms so everything is in sequence and in sync (we can explain this in more detail if we end up discussing further)
  • Is a critical thinker, meaning not just a task rabbit. Is something missing here, could it be better? Is there a more efficient or effective way of doing this? (i.e. good figure-it-out-able-ness!)
  • Can follow greater strategy to recognize when a task is off course or needs to be added
  • Proficient with learning and managing new technology platforms and enjoys the challenge when presented with the opportunity to do so, rather than getting easily overwhelmed by having to learn something new
  • Good writing and communication skills
  • Can assess what someone is asking even if they’re not asking it directly or clearly, when needed to jump in for customer service (meaning, ability to discern the concerns that customers are trying to but are not very clear on expressing)
  • Can follow screen shot instructions
  • Learns technology platforms quickly and gets satisfaction from mastering them
  • Has the initiative to figure things out when the need arises
  • Has the ability to manage one’s own time and ask for priority
  • Has good event management skills
  • Has an internal desire to help others
  • Has and maintains an internal standard of excellence even when no one is watching

Position Requirements

We are only seeking EXPERIENCED and qualified candidates, and are looking for long-term teammates! We will directly ask you if you feel you can work for us for at least 4 years, assuming that it initially feels like a fit. We want those who want to help grow a young company and jump in with full heart and commitment.  We are not a side-hustle culture. In other words, sorry, we are not looking for fans, interns, or people who just want to work with Karen to be in her frequency field. We’re not looking for someone who only wants to tide themselves over while there’s a pandemic going on.

Start Date: ideally as soon as November or early December 2020

Compensation:Dependent upon experience. It includes monetary compensation as well as access to significant amounts of frequency work—both personal work and group programs. Please understand that some people have asked to work for us FREE just to be nearer to Karen, but we’re looking for solid team members, not sycophants.

We will plan on starting you on a probationary period a few months to give us an opportunity to assess your performance and the fit as a team. During this time you would be an independent contractor paid hourly. If that initial probationary period goes well, we intend to hire you full time and offer a salary that’s standard in our industry for a young start up.

How to Apply

Please do *not* apply if you do not have 3 YEARS MINIMUM of real-world experience.

If you’re interested, please submit your application by Monday, November 2. Any applications submitted after November 2 will not be considered (no exceptions).

You will need to follow these steps precisely:

  1. Please consider the start date of sometime in November or early December 2020.Tell us your preference in the cover letter (#4 below).
  2. Film a video of yourself talking about why you want the job. Also tell us about your favorite job you’ve ever had, and about a project you’ve had that didn’t go well and how you handled it. There’s no minimum time but keep the video at or under 7 minutes.
  3. Post the video on YouTube (you can keep it as an “unlisted” post so only people you give the link to can view it) or send us a Dropbox link to view. We may also ask you to answer more questions via video afterwards.
  4. Write a 1-page cover letter in PDF, Word or Google Docs format, telling us briefly about your relevant background and experience; why specifically you are passionate about frequency work and working with the Spherical Luminosity team; when you can start and what your desired starting salary range would be (based on the assumption that this would be a full time position once the initial probationary period has been successfully completed). Attach this letter to your email.
  5. Send an email with your video link, letter and resume (also as an attachment in PDF, Word or Google Docs format) to [email protected]. Put APPLICATION FOR OPEN POSITION in the subject line.
  6. We will confirm receipt within one business day, and we expect to reply more substantively within 10 business days. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt within one business day of sending it, please send again. If we’re interested, we’ll ask you to interview with us over Zoom.


    Please understand that we have taken great care to lay out the application process very clearly, and remember that attention to detail is one of the critical qualities we need for our new teammate. If you miss any of these steps, we simply cannot hire you—so please do not take it personally if we are unable to consider your application if you disqualify yourself by not following our instructions precisely.